nine after the couple to his son on the account because of the name too personal was the police station refused!

today, many of the previous years or children after 90 are slowly upgraded do father and mother, and for the parents, are contradictory.both excited and confused and overwhelmed.

many prospective parents in the baby has not yet born, give the baby to prepare a lot of need to use baby supplies, clothes, milk powder, not to mention, readily available.

one of these important things is to give your baby a name.the name is accompanied by a person's life tag, for the baby to take a special and meaningful name, a lot of parents heart to.

a pair of 90 after the couple, because they are born in the new era, the more the pursuit of fashion and personality.before they heard that some people named"a d", that is very personal, so they gave his son took a name called"liu u excellent", and with the name for the birth certificate.

the wife feels"u"and"gifted"together it sounds more pleasant.nice at the same time, there are personality, but also sustenance of the parents of the ardent hope, hope to grow up after the child gifted.

however, when they are ready to go to the local police station to register their children account, the staff told them that the name can not be on the account, suggested that they renamed and then registered on the account.

after several twists and turns, in order to children do not become a black family, the couple had to compromise, and finally to the child named"liu youyou"


about the child named this thing, as parents should pay attention.because the name related to the child after school, account, etc., too uncommon or too personal, are likely to cause unnecessary trouble.

some time ago, reported that a father to the child named"king glory", we think that the name nice?