everywhere the streets are full of flowers fairy! this country's flower is dedicated to raincoat

recently there is a flower of the country dedicated to the raincoat

suddenly the fire

successfully caused the attention of the size of friends

of the dandelion



remember those babies on rainy days?

speaking of babies and rainy days

we also remember

"rainy day, i am not your most loved baby"combined it

parents once unlocked a variety of watering pose

there is a plug into the buying car

there is such a head bench

is not a charge to send

a rain poured out of the full

let the babies turn the raincoat in the rainy day


the children finally greeted the gospel

the flowers of the motherland finally turned over!

do not go out after the umbrella

directly to the child to lift it!

oh, of course, not so

but this way

who is not a baby

many big friends that i also want to wear ah

also you can empty the hand to play the phone...

no longer baby crying

a harmony on the street

source| sina weibo

edit| cai cai


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