ten nine babies have fallen off the bed you have dealt with the right? anyway, i regret it

did your baby ever fall off the bed? believe that the vast majority of the answer is yes, after all, now a person with a baby or more, a little careless, the baby fell from the bed or the sofa; and two people with a baby, estimated the number of bed fell much less.

i am a man at home with his son, treasure dad is usually we have not got up, he went to work , and we are almost going to sleep before coming back, i belong to the recent popular"widowed child care."now the baby is one year old, fell from the bed three times, the sofa fell off once, which is particularly large, nor is not my long heart, really is an inattention to fall off.fortunately, the baby is all right, but also healthy and happy after a year old birthday.but some people are not as lucky as me, the baby fell off the bed due to improper handling of serious consequences of the case has occurred, and now we talk about the baby fell off the bed after the treatment.

when the baby fell off the bed, do not look at the baby will hold up, if the baby loudly crying!

, we can wait a second or two and then pick up the baby to coax, and the baby has been sober, no vomiting, confusion, etc., the collision is also lighter, that parents do not have to worry about, if it is not assured can go to the hospital check.if the baby did not cry, it should not immediately pick up the baby, should check whether the baby conscious, if there is no consciousness, then quickly sent to the hospital, and this process as far as possible to keep quiet, less action.

when we pick up the baby from the ground, look at the baby is not the head of the ground, there is no bleeding and so on.

, if only a small swollen bag, no bleeding, with cold method for swelling.

baby fell to bed after going to sleep, that parents must be in the baby after falling asleep within an hour called

wake up once, if you simply do not wake up, and the emergence of vomiting, ventilation, should immediately medical treatment.

of course, the above is said that after the baby fell to deal with the way, and we should try to avoid the baby fell from the bed, looking forward to tomorrow's"inventory all kinds of prevent the baby fell off the bed artifact, the"let's talk about how to reduce the number of times the baby fell off the bed.

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