baby was born after the discovery of something less angry my mother was pregnant time to eat this thing

every pregnant mother wants her baby after birth health and health, but lingling because of their own during the abuse of pregnancy led to the baby was born on the disability, lingling in the pregnancy thirty-two weeks when the stomach suddenly began pain, her husband flew to the hospital, to the hospital when the doctor quickly sent to the delivery room.

soon the baby came out, but when the doctor check the baby is healthy, only to find the baby less a hand, the doctor saw lingling poor situation did not immediately tell her, the child was sent to the incubator and informed family members.

when lingling a little better after the can not wait to see the children, but when they look at their husband's look, it is probably aware of what, then the nurses to the children to lingling in front of helpless, when lingling arms around the child found that the child less an arm, suddenly excited again and again asked her husband this is their own children, after being determined after the sound of the whole family are silent.

when the doctor asked lingling usually how to do pregnancy test, no think lingling this is the second child, because in the first child when there is no pregnancy test, the baby is also very healthy, so this second child also did not care, also did not do pregnancy test, which led to the occurrence of this kind of situation, ling said that he usually did not use drugs, in the diet has been very much attention, why such a thing happened, then picked up in the production of her husband to drink a few drinks to buy, the doctor found lingling table also stood a few bottles of drinks, asked her during the drink you drink during pregnancy, ling said that i do not like to drink water did not taste, usually drink are basically drinks.

the doctor came to this reaction, the original cause of baby deformity is the main reason lingling love to drink carbonated drinks caused by a large number of ordinary people drink carbonated drinks on the body are great harm, not to mention a pregnant woman, and there is a common drink preservatives can damage some important areas of human dna, but also lead to osteoporosis easily lead to gastrointestinal disease, it can not be long-term drinking, especially pregnant women.(1 to 3 months)

at this time fetal brain cells and the body organs are rapidly proliferating development, adequate nutrient supply

pregnancy taboo

is the first table, especially the vitamin b group and folic acid, niacin.pregnant women at this moment often nausea and vomiting to eat nothing, then how to do it? do not want to eat do not want to, do not have to stick to the non-3 meals have to eat full, but should be a small amount of meals, eat eat, eat more protein, vitamin rich food, such as:fresh fish, eggs, milk, soy products, fruit, etc.missing early nutritional supplements will have adverse effects on infant growth and development in the future.

pregnancy(4 to 7 months)

to overcome the early pregnancy discomfort, pregnant women this time more comfortable, while the uterus is not too big, the stomach is not oppressed and appetite also changed for the better, the fetus grows faster, an average increase of about 10 grams per day, pregnant women should be more protein, calcium, iron and egg yolk(egg yolk) rich in food, millet and other grains with vitamin b1 more, as for rice, pasta will have the right amount, because the starch, sugar and more fat.

the last few months after pregnancy

fetal growth is fastest and half of its weight is increased in this period.this period due to the uterus increased oppression of the intestine, easily lead to constipation, so should drink plenty of water and supply of cellulose and pectin rich in vegetables, fruits, such as celery, leek, apples, pears, at the same time pregnant women must be rich in all kinds of nutrients, to ensure the rapid growth of the fetus this time should take a small amount of meals to increase dietary patterns, and a reasonable match, so that food diversification.pregnant women such as edema, should use low-salt diet, and supply adequate high-quality protein.