when the production must be experienced zhang map too embarrassing this taste of pregnant women unforgettable

yesterday went to visit the baby just red.when i saw you, the red took me and said:"you know how i was born yesterday, death? too embarrassed!"the original red is the baby, so she told me on the endless her embarrassing experience.

first of all, yesterday morning red and red pain, fast life, the family brought the production package rushed to the hospital.into the room to be produced, the doctor came to her the first thing that made her embarrassing things-internal inspection, anal seizure.doctors should finger into the vagina, to understand the situation of the cervix, only ten fingers full, before they can go to the delivery room.and the doctor will continue to"yin and yang a finger."that kind of cool, really do not want to live.

the second embarrassing thing-shaggy hair, the term is called the skin the nurses come to red and red when scraping, red and shy face, the nurse said leg big point, that embarrassing ah! nurses every day to carry out many times this operation, it is estimated no feeling.but this must be scraping, in order to clean health.

the third embarrassing thing-off the light, , but the lower body must be stripped light.red that private office exposed for a long time, cool, really good embarrassment, but this is also to facilitate the doctor took birth ah!

the fourth embarrassing thing-male doctor birth, i"ah"of the sound, red that you did not listen to the wrong, i was a male doctor yesterday, born yesterday, a particularly high number of children, can not change the doctor, had to let the male doctor was born.some people say that male doctor strength, failing to calm, so male doctor birth is also very good! however, let a strange man for a long time facing the site, really super awkward ah! red said that after this matter, there is nothing to make her feel impossible.

the fifth thing-the toilet fly, red said the doctor has been forced to force her hard, and then a sudden incontinence, and very shy! the midwife is a very refreshing re-mattress.she is still urine to the doctor who, hey! can not wait for holes to drill into.but at that time can only continue to work baby, take care of the other.

the sixth thing-the perineal side of the cut and tear, red and too hard, the perineum a little tear, has been numb numbness, the baby's head a little big, or get out, the doctor on the knife with a side cut, finished after the suture, the kind of embarrassing ah!

the first thing-the tears of tears ran a look, production the process of red side shouting, while the pain of crying, while the runny nose, is simply no image, and also the bulk of the hair.born out of time, her husband almost did not recognize the.too embarrassed!

she said red in the side after hearing our conversation, young girls are shy, waiting for you when you are born second child can be relieved.

it is not easy to have children, fathers may have to treat you baby this baby!

hello everyone, i am anne's mother.child care you and i accompany the road, never betray, we share the child care on the road ups and downs!

if you like my child care life, please pay attention to me!

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