this food must not give the baby to eat father and mother to remember

from the moment the baby is born, the baby's nutrition diet becomes the top priority.

the baby's digestive system is still immature, the food is very picky, honey, fruit juice and other seemingly nutritious and common food, the baby is actually not suitable for eating.

just look at the following, whether you have noticed, but also let the parents know more!

light taste food is conducive to improving the acceptance of different natural food tastes, less eclipse of the risk of picky eaters.light taste foods can also reduce the intake of salt and sugar in infants and young children, reducing childhood and adult obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk.

, it is best not to eat jelly.if you have to eat, then use a small spoon to feed, chew, do not swallow the whole.jelly is jelly, soft and flexible, little baby chewing function is relatively poor, not easy to crush jelly, once sucked into, it is easy to cause soft jelly jelly inhalation trachea.

into the trachea, the soft jelly will be deformed with the trachea, not easy to be discharged, the trachea plug to lead to suffocation.3, the whole of the nuts(such as peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, nuts, pork, walnut, etc.)

there is also a risk of teeth have not long, can not fully chew, if you eat when not careful, it is possible to inhale the trachea.

therefore, the baby under the age of 2 is best not to feed the whole nuts, nuts can be crushed on the porridge.4, beverages(including cola, coffee, tea, wine, etc.)

pats, coffee, tea and other beverages, containing too much sugar or caffeine, easy to cause tooth decay, but also affect the baby's taste, exciting, and even affect the baby's biological clock.

functional drinks contain too much electrolyte, will increase the baby's liver and kidney burden, the same is not suitable for baby to drink.

as for the wine, it is more absolutely not to try, even if it is a little taste of chopsticks do not work.drinking will damage the liver, the baby drink and even affect the brain development, leading to mental retrogression.5, fresh milk

rich, but the protein in the protein structure of fresh milk, for less than 1 year old baby, it is not easy to absorb in the intestine, excessive consumption will increase the burden on the kidneys.6, fruit juice

vitamins and dietary fiber will be lost, lower nutritional value, and the sugar content of fruit juice is relatively high, may lead to tooth decay, the baby may not be interested in boiled water after the boiled water.therefore, less than 1 year old baby or eat fruit juice is better, after 1 year of age should also limit the drink juice.7, honey

, the process of transport, susceptible to contamination of botox, the baby's liver detoxification function is poor, a small amount of botulinum can cause them to the baby at least 1 year old, in order to try to eat a small amount of honey.

for the ingredients, not easy to digest, the baby gastrointestinal function has not yet mature, eat may lead to indigestion.and sticky glutinous rice is more sticky, baby eat dumplings may also stick to the esophagus when the obstruction of the respiratory tract.9, chocolate

the high content, not easy to digest, the baby eat chocolate easily affect appetite and digestive addition, chocolate contains the nervous system to stimulate the material, will make the baby is not easy to sleep and crying uneasy.

it is difficult to chew, may be addition, the high frequency of sugar, then, will increase the risk of tooth decay.

big baby, we can not completely let the baby eat sugar, then we must learn to eat sugar is not the secret of tooth decay:reduce the number of sugar(concentrated eating), and sugar after attention[/p]

these foods can not eat together, friends must pay attention to:

p> 1, pork and lily g:the same food can cause poisoning.

2, meat and bayberry seed with grams:the same serious food will die.

3, liver and vitamin c-rich food phase g:cause adverse physiological effects, facial pigmentation.4, liver and tomato, pepper phase grams:liver contains copper, iron can make vitamin c oxidation of dehydrogenated ascorbic acid and lose the original function.


5, liver and cauliflower g:reduce the body's absorption of nutrients in the two substances.

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