fan bingbing to wear the audience only to be able to see the pressure of the group did not think ab finally put a big move

hello everybody~

let's meet you again, to say that the most lively days of fashion laps is what? it is certainly the chinese version of the meta gala, the fashion industry's spring festival evening bazaar charity night~~ img src=""> this session is almost a collection of entertainment half bazaar charity night, can be said to be full of what, what grab the c bit, donate friends, plastic flower friendship friends...

these we all know that today we come to talk about a goddess fan bingbing fan bingbing should be considered the last night to the largest coffee star of the star of the bar, not only can bring their own artists to attend the mixed face cooked., but also standing next to the woman at the sue!

and fan bingbing consistent as long as the dress will be yan qiang qunfang habit, this must also wear a variety of beauty~

, the word shoulder, silk dress, very li bingbing, the dress is very beautiful, but with her has been modeling almost, nothing new...

zhang ziyi wearing elie saab's resort clothing series, chic color printing is very interesting, which is a harness dress, with the outside of the jacket, like zhang ziyi, deliberately exposed side of the shoulder, and the united states and cool the

standing next to zhang ziyi carina lau is cool, wearing a black suit suit, walked the name of the president of the overbearing woman~

black suit collar above are gorgeous diamond very eye-catching, and then with black high heels, add a lot of feminine~ is, do not know why, always feel that carina lau wear this body shape to jump old disco...

jewelry, hand bag with what is also particularly good.although the yang mi wear super good-looking, but the level of this dress according to fan bingbing million level, or a distance......

however, you think fan bingbing is the big winner of the evening dress? good play is still behind! angelababy because of work reasons did not participate in the red carpet, then direct admission, but also wearing a known as the world's most beautiful star skirt, look at all the people who eat melon stunned!

because this star dress is really not the same~

baby a few days ago is wearing it to board the fashion lofficiel's september issue cover.this is a gorgeous star skirt from dior, dior2017 series is the most beautiful of a skirt, dior has been not willing to give people to wear, the first open to wear or give dior's spokesperson angelababy~

baby combs the lovely princess head, casually turn the skirt as if the whole galaxy are worn on the body.really supermeal, no wonder that night after a baby appearance, angelababy sky skirt has become a hot search no longer, directly grab the fan bingbing limelight!

all under a lot of effort, a high-level custom tassel skirt, one of the world's most beautiful star skirt.all the goddess fan children~

well, read so much, can only say that the female star is not the most beautiful only beautiful friends~

tell you, you think bazaar charity night wear the most beautiful female star who is it~

we see see oh~

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