every time my grandfather will take the baby out to know the truth after the mother angry

the father-in-law is the famous child of our king, the most begging of children favor, whether it is the sister of the child or other people's children like the father, of course, my daughter is no exception, all day grandfather, i still told her husband joking that our position has been a straight line down, and see the elderly and children are happy every day, we are sincerely happy.

recently, children do not know how the matter is not like to eat, before all sitting on a small table to eat with relish eating only willing to under the table, and now a meal to run around, simply uneasy to sit down, the food is not sticky, even the mouth are not zhang about, let us all i do not know what is good, this situation has continued for more than a week, i have been talking with her husband is not home to the baby acclimatized, or is the child to anorexia.


my husband heard me more than nagging myself began to bother me , also said do not eat do not eat, why always forced the children to eat it, you forced her to eat adults will be no appetite, let alone a child, and she hungry to know to eat.after listening to my stomach gas.but recently i found one of the clues.grandpa always like to hold the child to the door of the canteen, to the children to buy drinks to eat snacks to eat.

buy, and is every time to eat, grandfather put the child hold out, and then came back to drink the bottle of drinking cans, but also often to the children for the taste of the buy, buy today is a small sample , tomorrow to buy more treasure, and once i saw the hands of her daughter actually holding coke binge drink.

at that time i was angry to throw a thrown into the trash, the child also regarded me as an enemy, and cry and trouble, but also lying on the ground is not up, let alone eat, and a year and a half of the children told her reason she naturally can not listen to do not understand, fear to the grandfather said we all hurt and gas, really to the time to headache.baby anorexia is the most troublesome thing for the family, and sometimes the baby to eat a meal was the family mobilization, singing and jumping, the results of the baby or food indifferent.get the family anxious to get angry, even their own desire to eat are gone.

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