kobe really want to be punished? behind the truth exposure afc and fifa or the biggest winner!

to carry out the next stage of work, at this time, from the afc came the news of the chinese fans excited, the iranian home against syria's game was afc identified"a problem", after a ball of iran two goals at home, and syria's second goal scored at the last minute of the injury, when uzbek and south korea's game was over, and it was all about it.

afc official statement is very clear, the working group is collecting relevant information and has been reported to fifa filing, once the facts are true, iran and syria will not only be canceled world cup qualification, will face the least a year of global ban penalty, the chinese fans excited! once iran and syria are banned, that china will get the group third, so as to get and australia's play-off opportunities, australia is not good, under the leadership of lippi, the national football than the asian cup when the progress is greater, perhaps really and australia fight a fight.

chinese fans are only happy for less than a day, the afc official in the latest in addition to the iranian and syrian game, the chinese road reversal of qatar's game also boarded the afc's suspected list of china's strength can not conquer the original conquered qatar at home? this should be the most detailed idea of ​​the afc.

korean media even said that china away with qatar's biggest suspects, west asia home has been bad to deal with, often with a variety of extras to visit the visiting team, but china and qatar are very friendly, qatar even in the world cup stadium for the first time using the air conditioning system, which makes china in a very comfortable environment, qatar, the scene to a lot of chinese fans, almost just no different with the home, more important for the honor of qatar the training of new posture, which is not worthy of doubt? many chinese fans said they had no hope of the world cup, the survey on the[...][/p]

china, in the next two years there is no international competition and intercontinental competition mission, in fact, seen with china and qatar fans know that this game is no problem, why can reverse the national football qatar, the reason is very simple, lippi coaching skill so that the national football has made great progress, not only the progress of technology and execution, more importantly, self-confidence and never give up the spirit.

why investigate the national football? in fact, in order to exert pressure on china, it can be said to play, there is a topic is not open around china in the end when the world cup? it seems that the chinese side is not anxious, but the afc and fifa too anxious, especially fifa, 2030 happens to be a hundred years world cup, fifa hope to do a session of the world's attention football event, under the constraints of today's economic conditions and other factors, china may be the only option, fifa changed the rules of the bid, in order to let china bid for the world cup, but china's attitude has been very vague.in fact, no one understands that fifa and afc are eager to let china.

bid for the world cup is nothing but a fancy to the huge potential of the chinese market value, china is almost fifa has not yet fully developed the only big market, once the world cup settled in china, fifa and afc dream can laugh! kobe really want to be punished? but in other words, if china is now making a bid to host the world cup, the afc and fifa have to china as a general worship, this is the whole thing behind the truth.

afc and fifa will punish iran, syria? i am afraid it is a false proposition, and now there is no direct evidence that this game is a tacit ball, go through the stadium bale!