why promote breastfeeding?what are the advantages of breastfeeding?

is a common phenomenon in many civilized countries.in the future, as pediatricians continue to publicize the merits of breast milk, the number of breast-feeders in developed countries is increasing with the increase of knowledge mothers.

(1) mother's milk has the highest nutritional value

will milk and milk in the airtight container for measuring thermal cards, both are very much, since the baby's body, the two are not the same.the protein in milk assimilated more easily than the protein in milk, the baby until 3 months later to good use in the milk protein, so at least three months before breastfeeding should be adopted.both breast milk and milk contain iron, while 50 percent of the iron in breast milk can be absorbed, but less than half is absorbed in milk.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>at the end of the milk, the fat composition increases, the milk flavor changes, the baby is satisfied and stops sucking, so that the baby does not overeat.it turns out that milk fed babies tend to be fat.the secretion of milk is a natural limit, but if bottle-feed, sometimes the quantity not satisfied, given the baby crying also want, you will unconsciously increase milk supply, easy to make baby feipaner.fat accumulates when fat, to provide nutrition to unnecessary fat, the heart of obese children must increase workload.the heart is an important organ in the body, and it works all the time.such an important organ is very unfavourable to overwork during infancy.many improvements have been made to milk powder, but no matter how it is improved, milk is the natural food for cattle, and human milk is the best food for humans.compared with children who are exclusively breastfed, milk fed children are more susceptible to specific dermatitis and more phlegm.

(2) breast milk not only has nutritional value

(3) breastfeeding is convenient, safety

no matter in the middle of the night, in the car, as long as the mother bared chest can breast-feeding, didn't have to take the milk pot, kettle, rushed milk bottle.in addition, to prevent virus or bacterial contamination, cows and bottles must be sterilized and the milk is"sterilized".not only does breast milk not contain bacteria, but it also contains immune antibodies against invading viruses, allowing infants to avoid diseases such as measles, rubella or rash on children six months ago.in addition, because the immune antibodies obtained from the mother are effective in preventing the inflammatory response caused by the virus, it is rare for cases such as asthma to be heard, and for the chest to hear wheezing.

(4) breast-feeding is good for mother

breastfeeding mother, postpartum recovery is fast.the baby's sucking can stimulate the contractions of the uterus.mothers who are not breastfed can easily get pregnant again in a short period of time.mothers who are breastfed for at least 10 weeks(up to six months) do not ovulate, making the next pregnancy.pills that contain progestin stop the milk secretion.in the long term, breast-fed mothers have a lower incidence of breast cancer than non-breast-fed mothers.

despite the above advantages, some people or because be afraid influence the shape of the breast but don't want to breastfeed, but has nothing to do breast prolapse prevention and breastfeeding.some mothers have raised several children with their own milk, while the breasts have remained resilient, while some mothers have become physically suspended even though they have not been given their own milk.breast change deformation related to the nature of the breast itself late pregnancy and lactation, if breast not become large, later will not deformation at first, the chest is very big, the late pregnancy further larger mother, even if not to feed the baby milk, breast under the action of gravity, the skin will be stretched.the mother who gives the baby milk, in the end of pregnancy and lactation period, with the bra from the bottom up to support the breast, can prevent the obvious deformation.

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