this is the wrong way to feed your baby!don't hurt your baby

a lot of parents in order to reduce trouble or because immersed in the joy of feeding, ignores the question:as the baby grow up slowly, gradually, he has his dinner.every day, father and mother's behaviors and behaviors on the table are far more profound than those of the school.whether it is the development of the baby's gastrointestinal health or personality, it is good for the baby to have a good meal habit.the first mistake:

afraid dirty hands, banned the baby hand pilaf

the correct approach:wash hands, encourage myself to eat

when see the baby with a small hand pilaf, heard the most is"don't touch the dirty!"such an instruction.

however, baby eight months or so start with learning desire to eat, so always like their hands to grab food, but in daily life, the vast majority of mom and dad always give the baby study the impulse to call back later.

actually let the baby learn to eat has many advantages, not only increased the interest in things, but also exercise the hand-eye coordination and development of small finger muscle function, also can increase the baby's self-confidence and a sense of achievement.if you always play back your child's exploration hand, it will make the baby lose interest in learning, and eating can only become a passive behavior.

warm tip:in foreign after one year old baby has belongs to own eat desk and chair and cutlery, mom and dad would only smile and encourage the baby to eat, no matter use a spoon or by hand, they won't this time, it is more important for the babies to be open and interested in and dad just need to wash the baby's hands before dinner, after dinner a little more to clean up the table.if you are afraid that the baby is not enough to eat, you can also let the baby eat, and mom and dad are feeding.the second mistake:

hello, arm around hand lay hello chasing hello

the correct approach:sit on the chair, face to face to feed

the location of the fed also has exquisite, some parents think that the first step to success is feeding feeding position of exquisite.

.we often see families trying to get the baby to eat.some let the baby sit on his lap, holding the baby's hand in one hand;there are also many ways to feed the baby and feed and hunt around.

is the most recommended one for face-to-face feeding, but unfortunately only half of mom and dad can do it.

:the first guarantee of the baby's safety will not fall or fall;second, the baby's hands and feet are free to move, not bound by sitting in an adult's arms;thirdly, it is more conducive to the eye contact between the baby and father and mother, as well as the baby's observation of things and his own food, and the interest and good eating habits of the baby.the fourth also helps the baby concentrate.

tips:the best place to fix your baby's meal is to set it right next to the big table so that he can have a"eat"reflex when the meal is served.when the baby's little hands are able to master the spoon, he can eat it completely by himself.if your baby cries, turns her head, pushes her hand away from the spoon, or doubles her job, mom and dad are going to stop feeding.third wrong:

watch tv play with toys, while it unprepared to feed into the mouth

the correct approach:environment is quiet, concentration

is equally dissatisfied with one-year-old baby feeding, in xiao ming's home, mom for not obedient baby to eat rice, just turn on the tv, they took advantage of the baby at the program is focused on, hurriedly put rice into the baby's mouth, think of this way can let the baby to eat more.

baby food should be kept as quiet as tv, playing games, people more noisy, is not conducive to the baby to focus on food, and more conducive to feed the baby with the communication between, osmosis baby would also reduce the sensitivity to taste food and hunger ability of self control, increasing obesity trend.

/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/p>/>/>/>/p>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/p>/>/bbin the beginning, you can feed your baby in advance and then slowly transition to eating at the same time as the whole family.(please attention:more knowledge as well as mothers diary)

fault 4:

coerced use all, feeding poor communication technology

the correct approach:description, more less as a command word

when eating environment is quiet, but this is not equal to feed not only, on the contrary, be sure to communicate frequently.

although the vast majority of mom and dad in the process of feeding the baby with the baby language communication, but compared with ordinary questionnaire survey,"eat""to open mouth""wonderful""it's good to eat."moms and dads are talking more about the verb"eat,"and 30 percent of moms and dads use imperative languages.

:for the baby, the process of eating is a great opportunity to see things and learn a language.for example, mom and dad prepare two courses, one is rice noodles, one is steamed pumpkin.the mother said,"this is rice see, the rice noodles are's a pumpkin, the pumpkin is yellow, sweet and you taste it.despite these simple sentences, it contains many kinds of information such as color, taste, is helpful for the baby to know different foods, improve the visual and taste sensations.

/> tips:most moms and dads have no idea how to talk to their baby or talk to them because of lack of skill in feeding and fact, when you are feeding, you can speak more descriptive and suggestive language, describe the characteristics of food and the situation of feeding, rather than the language of command.try to create a pleasant environment for eating, such as smiling at praise.give priority to praise and praise;when your baby's attention is not focused, you can bring your baby's interest to food by changing the tone of your voice and singing in a low voice.


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