still struggling in the baby's milk, the mother looks at a small tip for the whole family to sleep in the morning

"my baby doesn't sleep well, i'm tired, i'm tired and sleepy.what do you do?""would not have such, frequently, in order to everyone can sleep, had to milk to sleep""don't quit now,"cries the mother's help, three series, also with the collapse of powers pouch figure, look left a love dearly, ok, today let's talk about sleep.

the so-called milk to sleep, is to eat milk that let treasure to fall asleep, whether eat milk eating eating before falling asleep to treasure asleep are removed, or the baby sleep must with the mother's nipple or bottles in this extreme behavior, belong to the army of milk to sleep.

milk to sleep well, after all, it is unique to the mother and baby way of intimate contact, especially when the baby is still small, want to completely avoid milk to sleep at night.

sometimes it's not comfortable, or there's a special sucking demand, and it's ok to have the occasional milk, not to be banned.

this is why eat milk comes to treasure ate able to go to sleep, which child can't eat the pacifier hand, milk sleep it can suck again and have a mother's arms can fill the stomach, every n, little comfortable too tired, it is easy to sleep in the past.

:i see that bao can go to sleep well, many mothers feel soft and have more tolerance to the baby's milk.

just such a tolerance, tolerance two long mother will collapse because of my poor sleep, adverse to the baby is also very well.

> once the baby has acquired the habit, it will automatically suck at every waking, and no matter whether or not they have the need for the milk, the time a long treasure will eat frequently, the gastrointestinal function will be disorganized;

if is when sleeping also holds the mother's nipples, this is a very dangerous thing, while the baby's breathing disorders affect morpheus quality, or a year in the news the baby night suffocate the tragedy is so happened, perennial struggle in the pediatric emergency department the first line of peony.

and, in the mother's milk also contains sugar, always with a sleeping baby's gums and have poor oral hygiene, easy to decay.

"i quit, then?"

ask about her baby's basic situation, well, almost 1 one full year of life, eat fast but sleep quality is not very good, is a bit independent, stop drinking it, especially the sleep quality, because once nipple was uprooted during sleep or sleeping position from treasure dropped out of his mouth, treasure it is easy to wake up, also can have the pleasure to long tall?

of course, don't act too hastily, from reducing the treasure with a nipple to sleep the first time to start, can while treasure half asleep, including the nipple is not so hard, the mother put the nipple gently chart, practice a few times more will be skilled.

and then, a little touch his little head, back, hold hands, etc., to treasure enough sense of security, generally treasure will not wake up easily.

but mom make sure treasure almost full oh, otherwise hungry wake up?still can't let treasure detect the"temperature difference"between the mother's bosom and the bed, when feeding the milk, should use small quilt to wrap treasure, so that when the treasure sleeps, put down, treasure will not wake up because of cold.

a nearly forgot can get twice the result with half the effort, the baby will sleep not to go to sleep when i was sleeping, that is a little fellow signs such as start rubbing your eyes feel sleepy, less fights, strong play spirit to do things, simple comfort will make treasure fall asleep quickly.

by the way, process will keep on walking every day before sleep again, such as changing diapers, to treasure to take a bath, massage, with play, telling stories, etc., are telling little"sleep mode is about to start".

then, mom wants to coax sleeping with nursing, originally slowly with this recruit, using other methods to calm the treasure for a few minutes, first treasure can sleep that best, don't eat this and then sleep with milk of a quick victory.

baby really depend on be reassigned to father mother's words, process to dad do before going to sleep, let the treasure to know if there are people in addition to the mother also can give him enough sense of security and care, and will gradually be less dependent on milk to sleep.

i wish every mother and baby can have a good sleep.

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