li honglei and other big brother background of the background of the background of the grassroots rich rich background to make you dare not to imagine!

, china's rich people, some background, and their ability to succeed, such as ren zhengfei, li ka-shing, ma huateng, wang shi, etc., are too numerous to what are the real grassroots entrepreneurs?

founder, chairman and chief executive robin li, baidu

in january 2000, founded the baidu.after more than a decade of development, baidu has developed into the world's second largest independent search engine and the largest chinese search 2005, baidu went public on nasdaq and became the first chinese company to enter the has become one of the most valuable brands in 2013, he was elected member of the 12th national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference(cppcc), and served as vice chairman of the eleventh national federation of industry and commerce.on july 11, 2017, li was honorary dean of the university of shanxi college of data and honorary dean of the big data science and industry research institute.

is a real grass roots compared to other business bigwigs.he was born in yangquan county, shanxi province, an ordinary worker's family.his father, li guifu, was a boiler worker in jindong chemical plant(now renamed jindong group) and his mother was a worker at a tannery factory in has three sisters and one guifu, 78, read a private school and wrote a good handwriting.he often used his time off work to impart some of his knowledge of private school to his children.

millet technology founder, chairman and chief executive, golden hill software company, gather era, suitable for fund chairman lei jun

lei jun, graduated from wuhan university join kingsoft in early 1992, successively as kingsoft development department manager, vice general manager of zhuhai, beijing golden hill software companies such as general manager the end of 2000, lei jun became president of beijing kingsoft software co., ltd.on july 11, 2011, lei jun became the chairman of kingsoft december 2012, lei jun won the"china economic year character new sharp award".in october 2013, lei jun was awarded the title of"outstanding private meritocracy for the national industry";in december, he was named"china's economic person of the year"and"top ten financial leaders".in october 2015, i was awarded the 2015 asian maker.on october 27, 2016, 2016 forbes china rich list published, lei jun ranked 12th.on december 8, 2016, lei jun was named the"economic person of the year".

lei jun, born in xiantao, hubei province, parents are ordinary workers.lei jun, through his efforts, he went to wuhan university, joined jinshan, then took the ceo step by step, then started xiaomi and went to the top of his life.

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the company founder, chairman and chief executive, liu

liu graduated from china people's university sociology department in june 1998, jingdong company was founded and acted as the general 2004, he first set foot in e-commerce, started jingdong multimedia network(predecessor of jingdong mall) and became 2011, he won the chinese economic leadership award and the 12th china economic 2012, he was selected to the top of the list of china's 40 under-40 business elites in 2014, the hurun rich list ranked no.9 with 53 billion 2015, he was selected to"fortune","the world's 50 greatest leaders".in october 2016, liu qiandong ranked 26th in the 2016 hurun rich list with 45.5 billion fortune.with a fortune of 42 billion yuan, the hurun it rich list ranked no.7.

:liu qiangdong, born in suqian, jiangsu province, the ancestors lived on boats.during the college entrance examination, liu qiangdong was admitted to renmin university of china with excellent results.after graduation, he sold cds in zhongguancun for several years.then he founded jd and went to the peak of his life to marry bai fu mei.although liu qiangdong now has a good father-in-law, the father of milk tea sister is the president of the nanjing stone group, but liu qiong was completely self-made before he became famous.the father-in-law might still get a few hundred million dollars in pocket money now.

360 chairman of the board of directors of the company, a prominent angel investors zhou hongyi

in 1992, the university graduate institute of xi 'an jiaotong university telecom computer department, received a bachelor's degree.beginning in 1995, he worked for founder march 2004, he became president of yahoo august 2006, invested qihoo 360 technology co., chairman of qihoo 360.march 30, 2011, led qihoo 360 to be listed on the york stock exchange.on february 11, 2015, the list of china's internet people of the year was revealed, and zhou hongyi was awarded the"person of the internet of china 2014".on january 15, 2016, zhou hongyi was elected the third president of the intellectual property protection association of march 2016, i ranked 8th in the list of entrepreneurs on the list of entrepreneurs, with a royalty income of 3 million yuan.

> zhou hongyi, huanggang, hubei province, parents are all surveying and mapping technicians, because of their working relationship, zhou hongyi has also lived in henan with his parents for more than ten years.zhou hongyi, through diligent study, was admitted to xi 'an jiaotong university, after graduation, he worked as a programmer for a few years, then worked as a manager of yahoo china for a few years before founding 360.

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, from these examples, we can conclude that you are either a good father or a good father-in-law.because the industry needs a lot of original capital, it also needs to deal with politics.for example, the contract project, the development of real estate, access to the resources and information, these need to have a very broad political and commercial relations, if there is not a rich and powerful strong backstage, can not.

and the internet, mostly grass roots.because the essence of the internet is to decentralize, on this platform, everyone is equal, as long as you have technology, creative and personality can stand out.

for the average person, especially the 90 later said, if you want to turn around and change class relationships, choosing to be the internet is definitely a good direction.on this platform, it will always be a strength, not a father.

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