how does zhang yuqi get the twins?

zhang yuqi's current husband is the wealthy businessman yuan ba yuan, the two people announced their marriage in october 2016.according to zhang yuqi's microblog, the two people met only 70 days before they got married.and yuan yuan were the chairman of the board and general manager of shanghai stood still industry, a recently news media have a lot of rich legends and yuan yuan were false, owe 300 million yuan, villa and aircraft are rented, yuan yuan also denied, and send notice to prosecute false media disinformation, small make up that can owe 300 million yuan also suggests that it is very strong.

just eat the melon worry kitty zhang ran through the crowd and when cheat philandering man, kitty zhang luck is not very good, after all, break up with wang after all, it wasn't long before married director wang quan 'an is coming from, but three years later, it turned out that wang quan 'an was put in jail for really embarrassed zhang yuqi."i want you to give me space and time,"she said."i want you to take care of this."

on october 17, zhang yuqi's agent yang na announced that the goddess zhang yuqi gave birth to a pair of twins, and also a pair of twins, and posted the baby's full moon photo on weibo.

kitty zhang twins

kitty zhang now, the twins, one-time add up to a"good"word, must be very happy.actually in the entertainment circle, there are many stars also gave birth to twins, to take stock below:

1, the look has long been recognized as old man of god, especially in 2014 with their eldest son after kimi to participate in"where dad", for kimi q, is more harvest a circle"mother powder".in december 2015, his wife, chen ruyi, gave birth to twins and fraternal twins, just as cute as kimi!

kimi and twin brother

2.yang wei also took the son yang yangyang attended the father where, on january 16, yun yang for yang weisheng down a pair of twin daughters, yang yangyang seems to be a younger sister, two sister to love.

yang wei twin daughters

3, actor fourth in 2012, the second marriage to the outsider, liu ye, and in that year gave birth to twin boys.two babies are like the cute new year pictures.

fourth twins

4, april 27, 42, yang caini in weibo share his gave birth to twins.yang's happiness leaped to the top, and tweeted,"dear little ones, thank you for coming into our lives, giving us another new insight into father and mother love you all the time, so that you can grow up and have a happy life with love and gratitude.

yang caini twins

5, hong kong actress isabella leong is the second son of li ka-shing, richard li tzar-kai gave birth to three children, and there were a pair of twins, as the saying goes,"your mother with child", but isabella leong finally didn't marry into.

leong twins

6, hong kong's tvb female artist li zi, with the golden desire evil"fire on the mainland.after marrying rich businessman ma yanqiang, the first child is a pair of twin girls.

li zi twin daughters

7, taiwan singer the peng good hui and businessman wang piren married in 2006, after the second of a child wang zizhong, gave birth to twin daughters in 2011, the mother and daughter, three people is almost the same mold.

the peng good hui twin daughters

8 slasher black chen and christine fan, wife married in 2011, fanfan for pregnant three years very not easy to have children until 2015, a pair of twins son, let a family full of happiness.

black and fanfan twin sons

9, the wife of shop-owner vevina iqiyi also have a pair of twin daughters, but recently because iqiyi financial problems, should be very annoying.

vevina with twin daughters

10, must carry twins, zhao benshan zhao benshan apprentice song xiaobao home are twins.

zhao4 ben3 shan twins

song xiaobao twins

11 town industry, the real big winner should be soup, soup town with 1993 small his 13-year-old atv half-blood performer steven marriage between china and japan, with twin sons and a daughter, divorced in may 2008, the 50-year-old soup town industry and 25 qingdao woman a shotgun, quiet, the same year on september 17, gave birth to twin daughters, which already have a pair of twins son soup town industry excited for a long time.

soup town industry with twin sons

soup town industry with twin daughters

a lot of people will feel that these star life, career success and have money, now also add twins, even fact, xu repeatedly mentioned in the interview that her friends around her are very present, the young xu, who has not yet got the idea of marriage, has also frozen eggs many times and bought"repenting medicine".

:the second generation of test-tube baby technology is used in the domestic test tube, i.e.single sperm injection"cisi".first, use the microscope to select the stronger sperm and inject it into the egg.

abroad by the third generation of test-tube baby, in a single sperm injection(cisi) after cultured embryos for five days, reaching more than 100 cells, blastocysts pgd tests take a marginal cell, can genetic disease screening, 125, at the same time can identify the x, y es.screening high-quality embryo implantation.

normal pregnancy can be implanted into two embryos.the implanted embryos compete in the womb with the natural law of"the fittest and the fittest", and the development of faster embryos has the potential to absorb slower embryos.underdeveloped embryos also have biochemical the possibility of planting two embryos at the end of an embryo is very high.even if implanted in the same level of embryo, the development speed is different after implantation, which can also occur.reproductive hospital at home and abroad are generally don't recommend more than two embryos implanted, if all three embryonic implantation, for pregnancy safety requires reduction, reduction is similar to puncture operation, there is a risk of infection.and the mother of twins is 10 times the hard work of a single even the stars, as a mother, still have a lot of them!


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