the doctor couldn't believe her when she went to the hospital to see a doctor

, p> is a pain in the face of the people who have experienced the pain of the postpartum.obviously oneself already pay attention to the food, but each time is very difficult, especially for the woman who has tear or side cut, the wound is not long good, dare not hard, defecate also more, in hunan province, also experienced postpartum her words, she thought it was more painful to have children than to have constipation.

ms xiao is serious constipation during pregnancy, usually is 3 to 4 days a stool, therefore the entire pregnancy she comparison pay attention to diet, difficult to digest, easy to cause constipation food she didn't dare to eat, although each time interval is long, but it's not that easy.she didn't use the medication, and she kept on until she had a baby.

] the doctor had five stitches when she was having a baby because the child was bigger and there was a tear.after the discharge, had enough milk, and did not go out to drink soup.she didn't have a bowel movement a few days ago.she didn't take it to heart.she thought she would be ready in four or five days.

but, her condition is much to her surprise, at first because body wound over yet really nice, and she is also not hard, but when she has then intend to exert oneself to do, find themselves completely don't want to, and a hard cut is particularly painful, it hurt so much she full head big sweat, but still no progress.

later, a week passed, her constipation is more and more serious, the husband say or go to a hospital looking, but due to face, embarrassed to see, always assume that the next day, and she doesn't eat staple food, every meal just drink some porridge, eat order, day 8, 9 days...she had never had a bowel movement until the 11th day of her birth.

:on the 11th day of the day, she couldn't stand it.she told her husband that she was ready to go to the was the male doctor who didn't care about it.the husband took her to the hospital, the doctor examined and said indeed constipation is serious, ask her how long, she say 11 days, the tone of the voice that the male doctor does not believe to ask days?did you remember correctly?so how can you not come to the hospital so long? didn't want to say anything directly to the doctor, so she dragged it to the present.

because to nurse, the doctor gave her maternal can use open plug dew, tell her to use method, told her that if the second day still didn't succeed, let her to the hospital, can only pour out my shit out manually, but will be more pain, hearing this, the is awkward and shy, back home, also bear the wound pain, with using third hold in dew, finally solved the problem bothering her so many days.

in the lili, she tucked on open defecation, then, as the body is getting better and better, her constipation is settled thoroughly.but every time she recalled the experience of constipation in the moon, she said that because of this, she would never have a second child again.

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