why does the canadian government value bethune's old home?

bethune was born in 1890 in ontario, canada province, the town of ge, located more than 150 kilometers north of toronto, the town's architecture and customs still maintain the style of the last century.koal lake and along the shores of lake muskoka farmhouse with ancient towering trees here, sun, lakes.just in the middle of the two lakes, there is a yellow green two storied building.this is bethune's former residence.now here is the famous thomas keka scenic area, canada is also a famous tourist resort.

hearst town was graven the woodcutter who inhabited areas, few immigrants, the total population of only 30 thousand, but the annual tourists up to 12 thousand people, of which 75% tourists from chinese, or in canada.most people come to cherish the memory of bethune, and in this sense, this is a veritable"red spot"".

was far away in december 1, 1939.after 29 days of bethune's death, the people's army of yanan base held a grand memorial service for him.on the same day, bethune's relatives and colleagues in montreal, canada, also held a memorial service.but in his home town, people didn't know what the villagers in another part of the loess ground, do what, do not know the day after the china leader as he wrote"bethune memorial"one article, made him in the chinese most famous canadians, so far few generation of chinese still miss him.

people with noble character, will always be missed.ted aranby is one of them, he spent ten years, and linked to bethune's ex-wife francis penny wrote,"the knife is a weapon-bethune biography", published in 1952.this is bethune's first biography.in, canada, under the insistence of premier trudeau, became the third western country to establish diplomatic relations with new china after britain and france.in october 13th, canada became the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with new china.in 1972, based on the fact that bethune had saved many people's lives around the world, the canadian government announced that bethune was a"historic canadian"".in october 13, 1973, premier trudeau visited china, in order to express his friendship with the chinese people, he deliberately arranged from greven hester bethune's former residence to find the"best gift"for the chinese people--bethune used medical equipment.

1976 in march, the former residence of bethune and chinese karma, to the governments of the two countries concerned:height of the canadian federal government decision, funded by the federal government, bought the reverend hearst bethune was born in the town of the two storey building, and to allocate special funds to establish the former residence of bethune memorial, commissioned by the national park service management.

according to the relatives of bethune's wishes, bethune was born in 1890 when the former residence in accordance with the copy of the original furniture, ovens, lamps, and harpsichord wool, bethune's childhood like, even deliberately in landing long window for a baby cradle.this is john hearst town no.235 road grevin bethune memorial, a fun place.perhaps, only the childhood life infinite happiness of the people, can have so noble life-saving spirit?

memorial opened on the same day, chinese government donated chinese people presented gifts:a large painting of"norman bethune"and a portrait of bethune and his medical team qundiao statue.the town folks also home for the children of pride, they later voluntarily donated$3 million 200 thousand, erected a tall bronze statue of bethune square in the center of town in the eight army uniforms, foot sandals, eyes, just step up quickly towards the front.the governor of canada came to unveil the statue in person.

1986 in november, approved by the vice premier of the comrade wan li, hebei bethune memorial hall in tangxian county and the former residence of bethune memorial hall sororize.behring, a canadian gardener, presented to the museum his"spiritual flower of bethune"named by the canadian government(du juanhua).

twenty-first century, the canadian government once again pay attention to the former residence of bethune:in october 16, 2009, bethune died in 70th anniversary on the eve of the canadian federal government announced, earmarked$2 million 500 thousand, again to repair the house of bethune memorial hall.the canadian national park service says the memorial is a symbol of friendship between the chinese and the canadian people.every year many chinese tourists and ethnic chinese travel to the bethune memorial museum to visit and cherish the memory of the great man.it is necessary to fund the renovation of the memorial.the museum staff said that the old house is not the most important problem, the most distressed and inconvenient is the lack of a projection hall, so only in the courtyard tent play bethune life film.

bethune's former residence memorial hall is now canada number more than 50"national key cultural relics protection units", current director scott davidson said:the memorial maintenance funds 90% funded by the government, only 10% rely on ticket revenue.

here we visit bethune in the side side talk of the town of hearst craven residence:a priest

"bethune was born in canada grevin hearst town house, diedthe

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