don't touch the six most cancer-causing fruits!

we eat a lot of things on the one hand, is good for health, on the one hand, and too much of a good thing, especially a child body resistance is poor, what to eat fruit also should parents pay more attention to, not to eat fruit to health hazards, the following three kinds of fruits in the summer i was firmly won't let my kids eat, have a carcinogenic risk, finally a drunk, i was someone to beef.

the first is mango, mango, originally is the southern tropical fruit, many southerners will remind their children not to eat the fruit, great taste, but also is a price, every time after satiate meal do not eat, the body to absorb a certain amino acids in the mango is very good(using too much will lead to people's skin is yellow, the doctor of traditional chinese medicine theory is mango contain wet poison, cause skin yellow and then developed into the yellowing of the disease, the disease can be their recovery, but irreversible comes easily to children, excessive consumption can also lead to nephritis, so when the attention.

the second litchi, litchi fruit is a kind of high sugar, generally appear in the summer, cold during the period of the litchi has always been small make up a favorite, small make up had unanimously late nosebleeds, litchi high iron content, the northern people eat more especially in the north the woman is very good, but a few months of the baby to eat a is likely to cause flow nosebleed, high sugar, it was a lot of damage to the baby, the baby's digestive tract is not mature, sugar can cause the baby vomit, it should pay attention to.
the third steps of october is a large number of listed season, many businesses benefit drive, will have saccharin immature jujube soaked in water, make the dates change from green to red, taste sweet, in order to increase sales.saccharin sodium commonly known as saccharin, is a kind of organic chemical synthesis products, not only have no nutritional value, can also affect the physical health, light person affect gastrointestinal digestion, or acute hemorrhage and even cancer.
the fourth kind of watermelon is our common fruit, whether spring, summer, autumn and winter, can be watermelon juice, sweet and crunchy taste, is very addictive.but this kind of ripe watermelon, is resolute cannot eat!because of ripening, push big watermelon, palate, with a bitter taste, also don't have much juice, mostly is the watermelon to use a lot of hormones, no to the human body is.
5 kinds of things in his life because of improper storage method or the environmental humidity and so on a variety of reasons, can lead to different degree of rot, especially in our country under the call of waste saving the glorious, shame, seems to have subtle influence on us, there is no lack of some people astray, fruit decay, usually can use tools to dig out the bad part, will eat good parts, although eat also won't respond immediately, but over time can be deadly.

because fruit can produce all kinds of harmful substances in the process of decay, and fungal propagation speed is very fast.some of the fungi have a carcinogenic effect and the decaying part spreads through the juice to the unspoilt parts.among them, the most dangerous toxic substance to human health is the toxin of addition to the nerve, respiratory, urinary system and other systems causing injury, there is a strong carcinogenic, catch up with the merchant low price promotion bad fruit, must not because of greed and cheapness to harm oneself.
6 species, and one of the most harmful, why say that?look at the betel nut, which contains cancer-causing alkaloids.qiu zhexian, director of the first division of the taipei health bureau, said that eight to nine out of 10 patients with oral cancer in taipei were caused by chewing betel nut.children have no self-control, and if prolonged exposure, it can easily lead to oral cancer and throat cancer.
this several fruit we eat many adults is uncomfortable, let alone a child body also is in the process of development, we must eat healthy, fruits or includes two aspects of content:one is the main organ disease, body shape well developed, uniform shape, physiological function of human body each system has a good, strong physical activity ability and the ability to work, this is the most basic requirement for health;the second is that the resistance to disease is stronger and can adapt to environmental changes, various physiological stimuli and pathogenic factors to the body.therefore, the health contents of modern people include:physical health, mental health, mental health, social health, mental health, moral health, environmental health and so is the fundamental right of man.the first wealth is health.

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