there are only a few remaining hydrogen bombs in the world and all of them are in china. do you believe them?

in 1954, the first hydrogen bomb in the united states was successfully tested in bikini atoll.after 12 years, china successfully tested the principle of hydrogen bomb on 28 december 1966, with an explosion of 300,000 tons of tnt equivalent.the power of the equivalent of 20 hiroshima bombs, the 33-ton equivalent hydrogen bomb test that was airdropped on june 17, 1967, was successful, making china the fourth country to have a hydrogen bomb.the previous three countries were the united states, the soviet union, and the united kingdom.what you need to say is;china is the fifth country in the world with the atomic bomb.

you know, this world only these two configuration structure of the hydrogen bomb, is a kind of american nuclear physicist taylor black lamb"(the father of the hydrogen bomb, usa)(t-u configurational) proposed by the other is a nuclear physicist in china, the nation's highest awards winners' yu proposed configuration-referred to as"yu configuration"to be sure;the father of the hydrogen bomb, china-'yu

but fewer than 50 pieces of the world's only remaining hydrogen bombs(slightly exactly is 30 or so), and all in china, and how did this happen?

in the 1950 s american nuclear physicist taylor wu lahm started after t-u configurations, the technique was copied after soviet spies to steal, to teach the hydrogen technology in britain is the united states, only china and france is different from america's t-u configuration, after the original configuration"yu"in china, france is obtained by civilian nuclear technology exchange part of"yu"configurations and technology of china.a hydrogen bomb 'yu configuration is the original configuration, this is the configuration of the hydrogen bomb on our country in the development of the hydrogen bomb to the speed of the world, just spent 2 years 4 months is completed by the atomic bomb to the process of the hydrogen bomb.

because of the hydrogen bomb technology is very complex, is produced, the need to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance a lot of maintenance personnel, thus creates a hydrogen bomb late maintenance and maintenance cost greatly, and the maintenance of general nuclear weapons only need constant temperature storage can be in the special storage devices, but the hydrogen bomb high maintenance costs, especially as a result of the fusion materials and charge life is very short, lead to hydrogen storage life is too short, the cost too is high, the nuclear powers have been slow to develop new hydrogen bombs, and price is cheaper of the atomic bomb and the neutron bomb.

in 2012, russia has destroyed all of the hydrogen bomb, be no hydrogen bomb nuclear-weapon states, the united states destroyed all the hydrogen bomb in 2013, due to the high maintenance cost of the hydrogen bomb, britain and france in the last century has not production of the hydrogen bomb, in the existing five nuclear powers in the world, only china has the use of the hydrogen bomb.and why is that?thanks to china's"father of the hydrogen bomb"put forward by the member of yu configurations(hereinafter referred to as' ' 'yu configuration) this is done through a special technical path, which implements the t-u with the united states as the power of the hydrogen bomb, greatly reduces the hydrogen bomb late maintenance and maintenance costs.