have you been blacklisted in baby products?

when you have a baby, parents always leave no room for their children to see what is good for their children.they want to give their children the best things in the world.so a variety of"children's products"became a shopping list for parents, and the world's"women and children"money was the best way to make money.

, but is it true that the"special products for children"are really good for children? is it really necessary for children?some"children's specialty"can bring more harm than good to children.not even good is bad for the kids.

.below small make up take stock top ten children's products to everyone blacklist:

heibang 1:open-backed pants

some parents think that infants and young children wear open-backed pants, convenient child wears, not dirty pants, also easy care, reduce the burden of adults.but children wear crotch pants, the whole little fart is exposed outside, the child often ground activity, very easy catch cold causes a cold or, abdominal pain, diarrhoea.

and because genitals are exposed, and children sit when climbing habit, easy to stick on some dirty things, such as soil, eggs and some invisible to the naked eye bacteria enter the urethra, causing urinary tract infections.especially the girl because the vagina and the urethra both openings in the vulva, lack of protective pubic hair, labial fat pad, and lack of estrogen protection, it is more likely to cause urinary tract and vaginal infection.therefore, it is not recommended to wear pants for children, especially girls.

heibang 2:children side sleeping pillow

infant sleep mostly prefer side with his head and some parents fear the sleeping posture is not conducive to the child's neck and head shape, and then give the child with the side sleeping pillow.but such forced children sleep in a stationary position, which makes them uncomfortable to sleep, which can greatly affect their children's sleep.even counterproductive:lying on your side, your child has no intention of getting down.the pillow has killed at least 13 infants in the past 15 years.the baby is better off sleeping on the lie, the simpler the better, the painting snake is not to the trouble.

heibang 3:the baby swimming collar

collar swimming why not safe?

collar is the expansion of plastic, while the baby's neck is soft, and the collar is easy to hurt the baby's immature cervical spine.there is a clinical diagnosis of the baby's hypersensitivity to the neck or the friction of the collar causing dermatitis.add the collar to the neck of the baby's neck so that the baby floats in the water, so the pressure of the collar is easy to press the baby's throat.the most dangerous thing is that if you press your neck to the carotid sinus, you may experience a stress response, a heart rate that slows down your blood pressure, and even shock!

:the best way for a baby to swim is by holding the baby's hip with his forearm.the other hand holds the baby's back and puts it in the water.in the water, you can try to just drag the baby's hip, or put your arms around your armpit and try to make the baby feel the joy of water.

heibang 4:children mosquito-repellent incense

infants and young children compared with adults more sensitive to smoke, airway reactivity is higher, if long time contact mosquito-repellent incense, mosquito coil incense burning smoke can cause respiratory tract was very exciting, cause the airway, causing symptoms such as cough and induce allergic asthma.

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heibang 5:baby walker

with toddler belt took the children to walk, such as bad for lower limb joint development.walking is a natural development process and should not be interfered prematurely.

> if the child has been using the walker for a long time and has not experienced the training of climbing, it is easy to cause a feeling disorder later.children sitting in the walkers, although can walk, can even run, however, he do the walk and run gesture weight is on two feet, so we sometimes see children in sit walkers, often is the shape of the equinus, in the long run, it is very easy to cause the child's lower limb deformities.

, in addition to the frame design of the walker, it can keep the child in balance in the walker, but if he doesn't have the training to be balanced.give children a sense of balance control in the long term is not good, as long as he left the baby walker, he was standing instability, have to the new learning to walk, so the children had better not sit long walkers, or walkers combined with natural toddlers.

heibang 6:baby candle bag

a lot of people like to use a generous thin was wrapped the baby's body completely, then firmly tied, is the"candle bag"as the saying goes.some say to restore the baby in the mother's stomach feeling, the baby does not move, the sleep is stable, and the hand and foot stroke is straight can prevent hands and feet bend.in fact, this is a very bad practice for babies, which can limit the physical activity of the baby and may affect the blood supply of the lower limb.

, especially if the baby's hip arthroplasty is restricted, the incidence of dislocation of the hip will increase.if the baby's thigh stays open, it can keep the hip joint deeper and deeper, preventing dislocation of the hip joint.in addition, the body that restricts the baby, causes the baby to be in cold season to reduce the activity, easy to cause the hard swelling disease and other cold damage;if the bag is too tight, it may cause heat stroke and even more serious consequences when the temperature of the environment is too high.

, and hands and feet are sensitive organs for children to explore.if you bring gloves to your child, you will deprive your child of tactile learning.what parents want to do is the baby in the sleep when the small quilt four sides is tucked well, so the child will feel safe, so sleep better.

heibang 7:bovine colostrum

the so-called bovine colostrum, is dairy milk within seven days after birth, their physical properties, ingredients and often milk difference is very big, belongs to the physiological abnormalities.combined with low production, industrial collection is more difficult and the quality is more unstable.other experts point out that the colostrum has not done much research at all, and no evidence has been found to be useful.

, which means there is no proof of usefulness, then there is"no need to add".and the estrogen in the early milk is excessive, if cannot be metabolized by the child normally, will stay in the body to promote sex gland development, the child sexual precocious.

heibang 8:soy sauce in children

children tell the mosquito-repellent incense, soy sauce ingredients list on the market a lot of children with ordinary soy sauce can represent the salt content of sodium sodium was similar, some children even exceeded the average content of soy sauce of soy sauce of sodium.

:the child's development has not been fully developed at this time, the organs are very delicate and infants and children need light taste, while the sodium in salt can increase the burden of the kidneys.at the same time, the taste of infants is in the process of development, it is sensitive to the stimulation of foreign condiments, and the long-term seasoning is easy to cause infants to be picky eaters and anorexia.for infants aged 1 to 3, the amount of soy sauce in the diet should be limited to 1 gram.