all men dream of the kind of car man's second wife toyota occupy the former name!

in fact, such as randall road, such a hardcore suv may say that off-road vehicles, consumers are not too concerned about its shape changes or configuration promotion, etc., off-road function, through the what they value, or they can choose bmw x5, audi also understand this truth, so even if the number by the lc100 cut to lc200, but in the chassis is still"shoushenruyu", before the double fork arm after the structure of the bridge can be described as classic, wheelbase is always fixed in 2850 mm.

in fact, prado is hard to find the opponent, which is the result of years of accumulation of word of mouth, but we also see more and more models in recent years also entered the market at the end, such as last year the advent of ford shook the way, only 30 million out of the price, but the configuration also took the shot.

prado after changing the engine, although the displacement has been added, but the maximum power instead of upgrading, which also shows 3.5l models will not be less than the previous 4.0l model addition, the replacement of the 6-speed tiptronic gearbox is a major highlight of the new car.


land rover range rover was born in 1970, count the latest, only four generations, the average count of 10 years will be replaced, which is longer than the ordinary models, so the introduction of new models is very careful, this thing appears on the appearance of the designer is even more to make a car 10 years are out of date, i think zhe zhe medal(land rover global design director) even without karl agerfeld's artistic attainments, but also perceive the spirituality of the trend.

40 years ago range rover set a luxury suv benchmark, and now look at the fourth generation of range rover, after many high-tech configuration and design, it is still the scope of the pointing.perhaps there is a car in the off-road talent, through the talent, handling, luxury configuration and other aspects of a single first in the range rover, but it can be integrated in the same, none other than none other.

a new generation of mercedes-benz cls design created a number of design elements of the concept car, a large intake grille with the trigeminal star logo is very eye-catching, front coupe flow line extends to the rear, type led taillights to be curved tail box lines, dynamic full.the new cls body size is 4940 × 1881 × 1416mm, wheelbase extends 20mm, arrived at 2874mm, driving space feel more excellent.

from gl to gls, the mid-term facelift of the commodity itself is little change, to meet a new round of family design, optimize the multimedia system and some other details, promotion for the 9at gearbox, the purpose of complex, can be said to be a homeopathic, as usual before the continuation of the commodity the old rival bmw and audi international no direct opponents, luxury large suv on the goods in the case of small, gls all aspects of doing well, with the most direct competition lexus lx style disparity, distinctive, my opinion, the only direct competition with the gl is

toyota seine

price:40-70 million

toyota seine is not surprising, have to pick out what is the design of bright spots in front of the larger chrome grille , with a lens of the xenon headlamps, seemingly the same as the ordinary mpv slide door after the door, in fact, hidden mystery, after the door just quietly pulling out, the door will be able to self-sliding, and equipped with automatic pull the door system

modeling is a sense of science and technology, and as impressive as praia, many people say that toyota senna how to see no level, shape i think it is a good view of a business car , this car is now designed to be very particular about, home style design of the interior, highlight the low-key luxury senna.

land rover range rover

price:80-120 million

was born in 2005, the range rover sport edition, compared to the guardian, range rover may find these models with the land rover models, the history is not long, but to adhere to the off-road function , and stand out of the luxury of blasting a piece of heaven and earth.the year of the range rover is based on the discovery of 3 platform to create, off-road talent naturally did not say, in terms of shape design to move closer to the range rover, and ultimately found in the middle of the price of these two models to find their own position, the consumer is also very buy it.

the new range rover has met with us at last year's new york motor show to lighten the use of the lightweight aluminum body structure to make it completely clear the boundaries of its own models, and in the"genus"range rover stood together.but only these internal changes i think consumers will not ignore, they want to see is more arrogant shape, more luxurious interior, there are more fit"sports version of the three words driving feel the


a mention of the bmw x5, the first reaction is:"it is a sporty medium and large suv."as the bmw x535i equipped with 100 km to accelerate only 6.68 seconds of the 3.0t engine, the road on the road step deep throttle will be able to spike the vast majority of suv; and bmw models excellent handling in the x5 35i also lost the performance, so that the first contact with the x5 35i people will be able to confidently to control it.


from the first generation of the audi q7 came today to have a decade, in addition to the period launched a small facelift models, the audi q7 has not introduced replacement strong and weak is the natural law of life, the car is also the case, when the old rival bmw x5 introduced replacement models, mercedes-benz ml complete replacement+small facelift, the audi powder or not to a new generation of audi q7.aging also means that the audi q7 watched the old enemy x5, gle from their hands to take orders, and even the end of the xc90 will count the audi q7 out of the board, and the arrival of a new generation of audi q7 also means that the german luxury in the large suv three giants reunited, a hard battle will be staged.

many people will think of hollywood blockbusters, nba and american muscular men, of course, not only muscle men, muscle car style sports car can be seen everywhere, but in china, this muscle car is not much.

shape just a"show", open millions of luxury cars are not open this feel!


by the end of 2015, mercedes-benz ml mid-term facelift, changed its name to gle.

in general, the powerful power, 4matic four-wheel drive system, technology configuration and elegant shape, which are mercedes-benz gle has a killer.

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