faw-volkswagen finally launched suv models than xrv cheaper space!

faw volkswagen no shortage of hot models, but in the suv market completely blank.last year, during the guangzhou auto show, the public held a media interview, the media questioned, in 2017 whether the fav volkswagen put into production suv product plans? in this regard, the public high-level staff has always been tight-lipped, which is more faw-volkswagen launched suv models added a mystery.

september 11, the eve of the frankfurt motor show, volkswagen give us the new suv models that have been released recently-t-roc production version, the new car will be in 2018 in faw-volkswagen production and sales, located in the a-class compact suv, is expected to be listed in the second half of next year.for domestic consumers of car demand, t-roc domestic, the wheelbase will be extended by 80mm.

from the overall appearance of the new car, t-roc after the listing of the target the crowd will be more emphasis on fashion and movement of young consumers.the shape of the new car to abandon the traditional design of the past, the new car with the latest design language, bright and piercing headlamps with irregular shape of the ring led daytime running lights, french-like elegance more prominent; after the night lit, the front face looked very beautiful.

in order to quickly integrate into the market, the public in the design to spend their brains, with deep plowing the domestic market for many years of experience, the public appearance of the new car is believed to cater to the current consumer tastes.

body size, the new car length and width were 4234/1819/1573mm , the wheelbase is 2603mm.the future of domestic, t-roc's wheelbase will be extended 85mm, reaching 2688mm.

the official positioning of it as a class a compact suv, but compared to the market selling compact suv, volkswagen t-roc body size will be slightly smaller, if the new car prices really as the industry predicted 12 million from the price range of the wisdom and xr-v sales may have a certain impact, but the competitive way of view, cr-v, etc., does not seem much contrast, after all, the public t-roc positioning will be slightly lower.

in the interior, the overall style of partial movement, embellished seats and center console, highlighting the lively naughty feeling.t-roc's main driving dashboard also uses a full lcd dashboard, which is the first time in the same level.

it is reported that the center console comes standard with a 6.5-inch control screen, and optional 8-inch screen, the system has been in the top of the skoda kodiak equipped with the use of the effect is very good, support carplay, android auto and other mobile phone interconnection.

three petrol(1.0t, 1.5t, 2.0t) and two diesel engines(1.6t, 2.0t).gearbox is a manual and 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and some models will also provide four-wheel drive system to choose from, but the introduction of domestic words, in accordance with the public consistent style, domestic version will do some adjustments.

volkswagen t-roc power selection is still rich, whether it is the pursuit of cost-effective users, or more attention to the sense of control and power performance of consumers, the public t-roc basically meet the prospective car owners desire the

industry in the top of the top car prices, in july 2017 to 15.3 million results, beat saic and saic gm, made car sales crown.

however, if you look at faw-volkswagen's performance table, you will find that faw-volkswagen sales are by jetta, sagitar, magotan, polaris and other cars hold up, in the suv hot today, faw volkswagen did not even have a suv models, it is really incredible.

t-roc listed, with the volkswagen brand backing, do not worry about the degree of concern and brand strength, the initial stage will naturally be much easier than other brands of models, in addition, in this bias in the low-end of the consumer market, t-roc is likely to become a faw-volkswagen's another car models.

from the brand point of view to consider, then the arrival of t-roc, make up the faw volkswagen in the suv market gaps, and for the brand to open up the suv market late pave the way, but a suv, according to the public practice, in addition to the t-roc made in china, is also expected to import t-roc overseas models, to provide users with a different choice of space.

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