vv monthly sales break when the suv market, the most powerful dark horse consumers are bad reviews!

in the shanghai auto show in april this year, the great wall's wey vv7 officially listed its own positioning for the luxury medium suv, and the official guide price of 16.78 million to 18.88 million, in fact, the great wall wey vv7 since listing, with its own appearance of the value of the value of the allocation of high cost advantages, attracting the attention of countless consumers, sales is breaking through the 6000, xiao bian today for everyone to analyze in detail, this car in the end value not worth starting.

width and height were 4749,1931,1655mm, wheelbase reached 2950mm, according to the wheel size can be seen, the positioning of the car mainly for medium-sized suv.

the bar is mainly used throughout the design, the overall look more atmospheric, fashion, sports atmosphere is more rich.modeling fit aerodynamic characteristics.tail, the great wall vv7 selected two of the two out of planning, in general, or very high degree of identification.

decorated the whole part, especially biased refined, mainly using the"asymmetric embracing"type of design, the control slightly inclined to the main driving position, and the vast majority of places, are large areas of leather materials used to wrap , and the car equipped with a turbo round air conditioning outlet, these design style and the same level of cars compared to the luxury level too much.

parking, side airbags, front and rear radar, cruise control, adaptive cruise, automatic parking, front and rear head airbags, tire pressure monitoring, automatic braking, panoramic sunroof, electric seat heating and other practical configurations.

direct injection engine, matching 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.chassis uses a mcpherson independent suspension+multi-link independent suspension, shock effect is good, fuel consumption, the ministry of industry and the fuel consumption given in 8l.

great wall vv7 as the first high-end luxury suv brand in the appearance and interior are basically doing very well, not only a sense of luxury, but even the lowest with the standard skylight, full lcd display appearance, automatic brakes and other high pressure grid configuration, and sales in july will be more than 6,000.

in many people think that the great wall vv7 can become a domestic luxury car in the mainstay, the consumer's negative feedback and x car evaluation center broke the fuel consumption and other issues, but began to follow.

owners cherry cuckoo:great wall vv7 car keys too long, ugly, not a full-size spare tire spare tire, the details are not satisfactory, start to accelerate when the 1-2 second delay.

owners purple:the trunk is slightly smaller, cigarette lighter interface is not convenient, piano paint panel is easy to leave fingerprints, induction trunk open is not sensitive, handcuff box usb interface settings unreasonable, cancel the navigation you can not turn off navigation completely.

owners v desert eagle v:rear window size is small, resulting in rear view mirror to see the rear view of the small(but fortunately there are streaming media rearview mirror), trunk space is small, the car storage space small; fuel consumption is much higher than the table!

owners jiang daxi:the front seat is short, reversing image response slow, sharpness is not high, do not support carplay, torque is large but the burst point delay, resulting in slower start speed.

owners qian yu chihiro:throttle hysteresis, brake soft, trunk is small, the tire is more flat, the wheel protruding lead to easy to cut rub rubbing, turning radius is small.many owners of the actual driving process, have pointed out that the great wall vv7 fuel consumption.

index are at 15l/100km or more! this and the oil table shows a far cry from the data, but the great wall vv7 was bent on relying on public relations to big things small.in fact, a car into the market after the advantages and disadvantages of coexistence, and hope that the great wall vv7 in the face of these practical problems, do not try to escape, once can not do less routine, more sincere, then sooner or later be eliminated from the market!