the new generation of cayenne static experience is much larger than it seems to change

appearance but retains the familiar sense of detail everywhere different

[pacific automotive network at the 2017 frankfurt motor show] on the eve of the frankfurt motor show, volkswagen group held as usual"public night"will be previewed this in the auto show debut of the new car.which porsche a new generation of cayenne can be said to affect a lot of domestic netizens heart.this hot in the country for many years, high visibility of the luxury suv, and finally ushered in this year's replacement.but the new generation of cayenne at first glance seems to change in appearance is not big, why can the new generation of the first name? in fact, the new generation of cayenne's internal changes than it looks great changes, using a new mlbevo platform, a large number of vehicles using aluminum and other lightweight materials, compared to the old maximum weight loss of 65kg; in ensuring the family design under the premise of the appearance of interior are more stylish and can be said that the new generation of cayenne looks like the old similarity is very high, but in fact has gone through the reborn.

the new generation of cayenne's design is more inclined to be defined as evolution, but not a comprehensive we can feel familiar with this new car everywhere, but fine look, every detail has changed.frog eye is one of the most classic design elements of the porsche family, which is naturally preserved, but the contours are optimized, appear more concise and simple, the new car focused on the front grille on the chrome strip made a horizontal extension, so before the face looks more stretch.

this time porsche is quite generous so that the new car comes standard with led headlamps and provides a pdls dynamic lighting system with corner lighting mode.but also select a more advanced pdls plus system and a new led matrix headlamps, with 84 independent light-emitting diodes, will adjust the lighting intensity and light distribution to bring better results.

the new car compared with the old models in the length and width were increased by 63mm and 44mm, height reduction of 9mm.with the height of the body to reduce its visual center of gravity has also been a corresponding move down, more highlights porsche as a sport luxury car brand sports temperament.

the most intuitive change in the rear is the transition from the previous rounded style in order to now sharp and simple, with a through-type led taillights group, the design of a new generation of panamera and the new 911 we have been very familiar with the angular taillight extremely recognizable, has gradually become a new porsche brand design elements the

typical porsche style, instrument panel in the center set up to drive your driving desire of the mechanical tachometer, while the left and right sides are two 7-inch hd display, according to the driver needs to customize the display.

the mini-display is called"sport chrono", which is a small stopwatch that displays time and lap times.however, this is not a standard for the new cayenne, but a successful match.porsche in the personalized custom on this road out of the small world, luxury brands deliberately create a sense of exclusive and noble sense of the main feelings of gold is also more special.

nowadays popular wireless charging function appears in the new cayenne, the functional area is located in the front of the new car in the control armrest area, as long as the support of wireless charging mobile phone placed in the area, the phone will be able to addition, in the rear of the cup position also integrated 12v power interface.

front/rear parking assist system, night vision assist system with thermal imaging infrared camera, lane change assist system, lane maintenance assistance system, traffic jam assistance system, parking assist system with panoramic image system and adaptive cruise control system, porsche intelligent internet service and preventive pedestrian protection system.countless, can only feel the money can be headstrong really good.


the new cayenne in addition to providing bose optional, but also provides burmester(berlin voice) of the high-end surround sound sound system, and strive to make unparalleled natural stereo, for the car occupants to create a shocking hearing the top experience.

the new cayenne is a suv full of driving pleasure, which includes road, mud, gravel road , sand and mountain, and the drive, chassis and differential lock settings will be adjusted according to the relevant mode.


can achieve multi-directional adjustment of the electric leather seat and after drilling processing, and thick cushion or belt good addition, the headrest can also be marked with noble and delicate porsche shield shape, can use money tickets to pursue the range of children, are not the problem.


the new cayenne in the second row of seats to increase the adjustment of the slide, so that it has the front/, and then ride the comfort or enhance the ride.and then ruled out to support the touch operation of the dual zone automatic air conditioning and seat heating, there are intimate introduction of the 12v power supply and two usb charging port.

v6/v8 powered 8-speed automatic transmission

future v8 cayenne turbo and other models will also be added to the car's product camp, the new car compared to cash models in the power to enhance the more obvious, after all, porsche housekeeping skills is to let suv out of the feeling of sports cars.the first model provides two six-cylinder engine options, and the new cayenne equipped with 3.0t turbocharged engine, the new cayenne engine is equipped with two six-the maximum output power of 250kw(340ps), the maximum torque of 450n · m, the official given the car 0-100km/h acceleration score of 6.2s.

the new cayenne s equipped with 2.9t v6 twin-turbo engine, the maximum power of 324kw(440ps), the maximum torque of 550n · m, the original version of the new cayenne s can be completed in 5.2s 0-100km/h acceleration challenges.the optional sport chrono components after the models, the results can be upgraded to a surprising 4.9s, the performance of the parameters did not lose the performance of the mainstream models of the mainstream the auto show, the new generation of cayenne turbo is also the world's first, the car equipped with a 4.0t(figure), the new generation of cayenne turbo is also the world's first, the car equipped with a 4.0t double turbocharged v8 engine, the maximum power 550ps, peak torque 770n · m, 0-100km/h acceleration time of only 3.9 seconds, the maximum speed of 286km/h.

the new 8-speed tiptronic s gearbox is a positive shift response and a sporty drive ratio that allows cayenne's road driving performance has improved.and with the 8th gear transmission ratio of low characteristics, the fuel economy has also been the most effective guarantee.porsche from the day of making suv has caused countless fans of criticism, but have to say that the cayenne is now today, the united states, the united states, the united states and the united states, in the global are porsche is a big suction gold weapon.both porsche control and sports genes, but also has a sports car does not have the practicality and through sex, cayenne for chinese buyers is simply tailored to the general.and a new generation of cayenne on the platform has been a huge upgrade, configuration and design also has a closer to the times of improvement, this sucker believes that will continue to play its for the new generation of cayenne when you can buy in the country? the current news to see at least 2018 years to the second half of the year.

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