fuel consumption is only the german suv six full four-wheel drive when the status of only four or more highland

in the domestic auto market, referring to the brand of skoda, i believe we are still very familiar with, after all, it is a classic brand under the public, and in recent years, skoda performance in the market, but it is not easy, but not long ago listed kodiak, it can be said to attract a lot of consumer attention, has also become the focus of the family to build the flagship suv models, but only with a strong suv in the domestic market competition can not say there is too much development, so the public new suv models-skoda visions, is expected to enter the domestic market early next year sales, new car strength than kodiak even stronger, today to bring you to introduce this suv models! fuel consumption is only 1.9 of the german suv, six full-time four-wheel drive with only 18 million, status or super highland.

skoda visions as a well-built six suv models, in the design of the concept of the continuation of the concept of design, in front of the design of the family using the latest straight waterfall grille design, and decorated with chrome trim, both sides of the narrow led headlamps and the rear led tail lights and independent fog lights are full of personality.from the sideways design, the new car tilt roof design and strength of the prominent waist design, in the body size, the new car length and width were 4700/1910/1680mm, body wheelbase reached 2790mm, and the use of"2+2+2"6 seat layout, fresh or very strong!

in the interior design is also a big new bright spot, the new car used the current very popular design style, with a strong future sci-fi atmosphere, the entire control area also has enough science fiction breath, the new car with a symmetrical two flat 16-inch lcd screen, the vehicle's sense of grade was earth to strengthen the air conditioning outlet with a geely dili's water ripple design, giving the feeling is still more ground gas.

finally, look at the car power system design, skoda visions concept car will be equipped with a 1.4t turbocharged engine and motor composed of plug-in mixing system, 1.4t turbine engine maximum output power of 156 horsepower, the peak torque of 250 nm, the maximum motor output power of 54 horsepower, peak torque for 220 nm.when the two work together, will be integrated output 165kw maximum power, matching a 6-speed dsg gearbox.it is reported that the new car in a mixed state, 100 km fuel consumption is only 1.9l, this dynamic data performance, but very strong!

as a result of skoda ready to mass production of six suv models, the overall strength of the new car is definitely worth the consumer expectations, i believe that the new car production will be set off in the suv fierce competition, with germany cars hush head, this car can sell it?