buy po chun might as well buy it at least do not regret it!

about po chun 510, there are too many places where you can boast it.such as the price of 54,800, the price of niubi.for example, the configuration of the whole series of panoramic sunroof, esp body stability system, tire pressure monitoring system and so in the low price and high configuration on the basis of marketing, po chun 510 surprisingly top-notch.sales in august won more than 38,000 vehicles.than the second of the harvard h2 more than 3 doubt po chun 510 has been successful.remember and bao jun 510 interval one month listing of the mg, its value is not low, the configuration is also intolerable, but the price of 73,800.led to the consumer optimistic about the mg zs sales have been low, keep at around 6000.however, even if this saic roewe does not therefore recognize the small suv dry but po chun 510, this is not saic roewe will soon be listed a positioning lower than the roewe rx5 car, roewe is said that the starting price is not low, in 79,800 from.

interior, black and red interior, sports temperament more foot.this is also more in line with today's 90 after the heart needs.t-type console in the car level is obvious, simple atmosphere.and leather package in the console console manufacturers see the sincerity of thick.multi-function steering wheel, full of technical sense of the instrument panel, and large control screen, easy to operate.according to different models will be equipped with epb electronic parking system, autohold automatic parking system, keyless entry, a key to start and flow-type atmosphere lights and other addition, the new car will also be equipped with saic and alibaba group jointly developed yun os system.

power, power, the new car will be equipped with a 1.6l naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power 92kw(125ps); also will provide a 1.3t engine, the maximum power of 120kw(163ps).

a new situation, the future po chun 510 will be in the roewe rx3 compete for small suv throne.and roewe rx3 its starting price of 79,800 price does not allow consumers to discourage!

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