more than you can buy a good car? this is the number of young people won the%!

now the consumer market is more and more young people, many 80/90 married into a family after the car, and these people buy a car more interesting, the car can be small, sitting less; can also not the pursuit of foreign car brands, choose domestic cars, but this car must have personality, can not rot a big street, but also in the price can not be too high, otherwise the repayment pressure is too, the smaller one of the models became their first choice.


this two years, the development of small domestic suv models with each passing day, quite quickly, they are cheap, full of personality, space and other characteristics, and in order to meet the needs of many 80/90 after the car, many car manufacturers also launched a number of small suv, the following we look at those who are suitable for young people suv who is more worth considering to start.


dongfeng fengshen ax4

guidance price:6.68-10.18 million

not long ago just listed dongfeng fengshen ax4, fengshen this year launched a heavy car.the new car as a brand of 3.0 era of the mountain, whether it is design or technology configuration, compared to the previous products have greatly improved, such as its fashionable waist, rich young interior design, very chic ; equipped with cruise control, electric sunroof and other functions, to facilitate a lot of people's daily car.

the power of the car equipped with 1.6l and 1.4t engine, 1.6l maximum power 91kw(124ps), 1.4t the maximum power of 103kw(140ps), travel enough, and its launch will be dongfeng fengshen this year, the impact of 200,000 annual sales target an important guarantee.

after the launch of bo, geely will be the focus of this year transferred to the car market, the listed at the end of august, positioning higher than the x1, the appearance of the latest family with the design language, water ripples in the network plus eagle headlamps, the whole is very representative.interior on the car to the refined further, the car is equipped with a reversing image, driving recorder, tire pressure monitoring and other functions, than the same level models more advantages.

the power of the car equipped with a 1.5l engine, the maximum output power of 75kw(102ps), the maximum torque of 141nm , the drive matches 5mt or 4at.geely's progress for all to see, this car is also its vision of the expansion of the family, to enhance the strength of independent car symbol.

$80.8 million

named from the model can be seen, this car is directed at the young people to is more compact size in the body, and the price is more close to the people, the new car draw hippocampus s5 family design style, front face shape is very dynamic, especially the shape of the forward air grille looks very personal.configuration of the car is also very rich, with large size panoramic sunroof, 360 degree intelligent panoramic images, ldws lane deviation warning, which are very consistent with the young appetite.


the vehicle is equipped with a 1.6l naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 90kw(122ps), peak torque 160nm, and with cvvt intake side continuous variable valve timing system, the drive matches the 5mt and cvt gearbox.this set of power is not enough, cvt models in the low speed will be some little frustration, but the car sold after all cheap, it can understand, want to use it on behalf of the time is no problem.

the car can be seen as a small one of the gs4, in appearance it did not use the old one.big brother gs8 hardcore modeling, or selected gs4 more rounded design, the whole is very simple and capable.interior decoration and kyrgyzstan kyrgyzstan ge3 is more consistent, the young atmosphere is thick, functional key layout neat, not too many out of color design, configuration on the head airbags, electric sunroof, air purification and other functions, the overall competitiveness is good.power, the car equipped with a 1.5l and 1.3t two engines, of which 1.5l maximum power of 84kw(the car is equipped with 1.5l and 1.3t two engines, of which 1.5l maximum power of 84kw(

114ps), the maximum torque of 150nm, 1.3t maximum power 101kw(137ps), the maximum torque of 202nm, the drive matches the love letter of the 6-speed manual and manual gearbox.this assembly output brisk, strong acceleration, the shift is crisp, in the future it can also share the gs4 part of the pressure, there may be explosive cars.

million people


zhongtai left the impression that most of the plagiarism, not only appearance, even the car and the car much like, and now their design department as if the beginning of a wake-up call, a car with a high degree of origin with us to meet, including the t300.the car is a small suv in the small suv models, in the design of the young momentum, as well as the performance of the car surrounded by embellishment, it seems to copy the hidden strength.the car is more elegant, the center console to the left side, but also with panoramic sunroof, remote control and other functions, the public thai horse, a top sa~

the growing popularity of small cars allows car dealers to see new opportunities, but also bring us a lot of excellent models of choice , these small suv in the design of these are no brisk features, prices are also have a lower price, giving a small economic the hands of some idle money to buy a car can choose the young people, and these critically acclaimed small suv will certainly suit you.

it is said that the old drivers are here, you? ↓ ↓ ↓

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