month car sales list released

according to the latest production and sales data released by the federation, in august 2017 passenger car sales reached 1.80606 million, compared with 1,757,200 over the same period last year increased by 5.3%, showing the characteristics of structural warming in the rejuvenation of the market and the structural the same time, the first eight months of this year, the cumulative retail sales of narrow passenger cars increased by 2.1% to 14,111,309, also showed the third quarter of this year, the relative recovery trend of the automobile market.suv market sales to achieve 781,600, an increase of 18.2%, unchanged from the previous month, the chain rose significantly; mpv(figure), the car market sales to achieve 93.41 million, down, up 2.0% market sales to achieve 134,000, down 25.0% year on year, the decline expanded.

august car sales

car market sales champion was reelected by the new hideo, sales of new cars 3.64 million, up 10.9% year on year addition, the public brand cars in the top ten models occupy five seats, respectively, jetta, the new sunny, sagitar, the new bora and santana, the advantage is very obvious.sylphy in the japanese brand car thriving, in august to 35,600 sales performance jumped second, an increase of 26.9%.and imperial ec7 into the top ten of the only independent brand cars.

august suv sales

suv, the harvard h6 wins suv market first, the decline narrowed to 3.6%.po chun 510 again force, sales catch up with harvard h6, the gap reduced to thousands of units, august sales exceeded 3.80 million.chuan qi gs4 zeyi ten thousand of the gap ranked third, august sales of 27,800, the chain rose slightly.four to ten were:bo yue, tiguan, roewe rx5, changan cs75, ang kewei, honda cr-v, nissan qi jun.

p> mpv, wuling hongguang sales of 35,900 in august, the chain rose slightly, year on year decline to expand to 20.8%.po chun 730 is still ranked second in sales of mpv, august sales of 15,400, but down 46.7%.joint venture brand mpv rose year on year, the top ten list, buick gl8(1.31 million) ranked third, odyssey(03,400) among the top ten.

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