open concept car on the road what is the feeling? tigers x first test drive experience

in order to achieve effective reduction of manufacturing costs, speed up the development cycle, more and more domestic, in order to achieve effective reduction of manufacturing costs, to speed up the development cycle, more and more domestic.of the car prices began to develop their own modular platform.chery automobile as one of the earlier launch of the modular platform car prices, in a new platform t1x launched tiggo 7 made a good market response, the chery automobile and t1x platform based on the second suv-chery swiss tiger the latest work of the chery 2.0 stage, the tiger 5x equipped with chery's most advanced powertrain and zhiyun internet system, modeling from the concept car.

as a new suv of the new army, and smart"independent small suv what kind of style, how to blaze a lot of competitors from the blood, as well as in the actual driving process can give back how feelings? we look at chery t1x platform second fine suv, in addition to have a"high value", the other aspects of the performance of how?

very attractive, from the cool concept car

the tiger 5x is designed to evolve from the concept beta concept car, which is full of color and has a two-color finish, with a large selection of chrome-plated elements the most likely impression is the crystal diamond lens headlamps with j-shaped daytime running lights, as well as hook-style front bumper shape.

smooth.body surrounded by the body with the color design, and equipped with chrome decoration, so that the vehicle shape more refined.

compared with the front, the rear shape slightly common.through the chrome and the front face of the grille in the face of the grid was echoed, the overall visual effects of the rear in general, as impressive as the front.but the shape of the taillight or tail to the shape of a lot of extra points, convex shape design is its greatest feature, to create a strong three-dimensional sense.

in order to enhance the user's sensory experience, through the use of different colors and chrome bright use, to create a better sense of grade.asymmetric air-conditioning outlet is a major feature of the tigers 5x, the design has to avoid air-conditioning straight-fired hand and many other advantages.if the suspension of the lcd screen with narrow edge design, that the interior design will be more luxurious sense.

in addition to the first generation of the new generation of cloudrive 3.0 system, the tigers 5x also offers bosch esp, electronic parking system epb, emergency brake pba, panoramic image, ldw lane departure from the[...] early warning, active speed limit and other thoughtful technology and security configuration for the driver to bring a comprehensive optimization of the driving experience and high-tech security protection.


space this is the most concerned about the people of the problem, thanks to the t1x platform architecture and flexible bandwidth in terms of core competitive advantage, the tiger 5x body size in the same class models is still very, especially in the width and wheelbase performance is particularly good, and xiaobian also personally experience the interior space, the rear of the leg space has reached the level of two fists, for long distance ride without pressure, which can be said that beyond the same level of competition opponent.

this test drive on the type of leather seats, whether it is visual effects or ride feeling are in place, seat softness is very good, feel fine lubrication, the size of the seat is moderate, support is also good to do.


1.5t powerful, thermal efficiency is a bright spot

tigers 5x and tiggo 7 with the platform to build, power and chassis will be shared with the tiger 7.equipped with chery independent research and development of 1.5t turbocharged engine, thermal efficiency of 37.1%, the domestic car thermal efficiency of the crown, with the matching 6-speed manual and 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox.chassis, the tiger 5x using the former mcpherson independent suspension, after the multi-link independent suspension+sub-frame structure, is also the same level in the same rare.

more suitable for daily use

for chery's 1.5t engine we are very familiar with the chery's various models are equipped with.chery to adjust this engine is more gentle, when you step on the throttle, the transmission will be a little think about it, and then make down the action, power will continue to continue, there is no obvious turbo intervention, power the output is very smooth.

the tiger 5x matching dual-clutch gearbox ride is still good , because the experience is mainly the venue and the track, the city road is not a lot of open, so the personal conditions in the city under the personal feeling, frustration can not say no, but in the acceptable range, than many pairs of clutch models feel better.

the car's steering wheel feel unexpectedly good, the steering wheel at low speed very light, one hand control is not laborious.but with the speed of the upgrade, the intensity of the steering wheel will increase, personal feeling that this effect is still very good.and the steering point is still accurate, but the feedback to the driver's road feeling is not a home suv, the advantage of this design is to reduce the driver's fatigue.the chassis, the tiggo 5x suspension is still biased towards comfort, in the test drive.

site, for some gravel pavement, etc., feel the filter is still good, a slight vibration directly filter, only to the steering wheel to retain some feedback.but in the high-speed cornering can feel the obvious roll, movement can not say very well, comfort is still its main tone.


overall chery tiger 5x is not just a"yan"model, the first design aside, in the technical equipment and security configuration rich the degree of space and the performance is indeed worthy of praise! as the chery car t1x platform second suv, from the design, materials and workmanship, in terms of complete investment in small suv, grade is also satisfactory.power, whether it is power data, fuel consumption or driving performance should be better than expected.if you want to say, it is driving feel comfortable but strong sports.taking into account the tiger 5x this market has long been fighting into the red sea, tigers 5x can get good sales by virtue of good product sales, it depends on chery future pricing and marketing strategy.