buick launched home mpv new model seat design and white-collar love for more than ten thousand

buick is well known in the domestic high-end mpv market is the absolute leader models, gl8 year once the official reception of high-end cars as standard, although after three generation, has been firmly occupy the high-end mpv sales champion the buick gl8 though good, but as a home, then still a little big, the price is relatively high, but good buick launched a new product gl6, will be listed in november, the future is the main market is less than 200,000, think about tens of thousands of tens of thousands can have a buick home mpv, or very longing for.power part of the use of 156 horsepower 1.3t engine and 6-speed tiptronic gearbox, the ministry of industry integrated fuel consumption 6.6l/100km.

the wing-type chrome front grille is the latest design style of the buick family, the front looks dynamic fashion.

the body is very slender, floating roof is nowadays popular design elements, gl6 retains the buick family's high-value and high-grade, unlike the gl8 official business model.led headlights bright and piercing, people never forget.

honda odyssey positioning is easy to ikea, and touran l and buick gl6 aimed at the pure home market.buick gl6 car length of 4692, honda odyssey car length of 4845, while the public touran car length 4527, contrast, buick gl6 in odyssey and touran l between the body size is very appropriate.

the interior is buick's family style, stylish and delicate.

the structure of the buick gl6 is 6 and 5 in two forms , especially the six layout is a lot of people want, both dora people can enjoy the 6-year exemption policy.

the front seat is luxurious and comfortable, the seat looks very comfortable.

the second row of two seats is left empty, the car moving around, many people particularly like this design, in my september 11, entitled"the most beautiful domestic car test drive experience, 100,000 start song max than odyssey are not bad"article, many users in the the commentary mentions this question.

the rear cushion is relatively large, even for adults, comfort and space should also be enough, but not necessarily suitable for a long ride, after all, where the body size.

for the home mpv, the panoramic sunroof is a must, can effectively improve sense of space, so that people do not take biequ ride, the elderly and children are the gospel.there are many domestic manufacturers aimed at home mpv market, such as wuling hongguang and po chun 730, but the middle class or urban white-collar workers, the two models are still low grade, had only selected odyssey and touran, now more than a good choice , and pricing is also very affordable, do you want to also a car?

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