kill one hundred enemies!he made a hole for himself

on november 15, new hyundai ix35 market in guangzhou, the whole system of 5 with a naturally aspirated 2.0 l engine model price in 11.99-161900 yuan between, price of such horrifying scene at the scene of the conference, maybe so price will make new ix35 sell like hot cakes, but start at less than 120000 yuan of new ix35 dug a pit for oneself, after how to get the price of new ix35?the price of the new ix35 will have a significant impact on the modern brand premium.

new ix35 price confirmed sales loss brand!

ix35 sales decline except with thad hurt chinese feelings, of course, is the rise of chinese brand suv to grab the share of, ix35 need to reduce the price to almost the same as the chinese brand compact suv to save low sales price, it is behind the modern overdraw the premium brand in china, ix35 starts at less than 120000 yuan, after listed at the end of the dealer sales promotion or too dealer terminal price 20000 yuan a year later, that ix35 starts at less than 100000 yuan.

what is the end result, is ix35 sales up, the modern brand premium is more and more low, even to brand premium is less than the chinese brand, the last until the modern comprehensive defeat by chinese brand car companies in china and rout, how far is that time?perhaps in the next five years, chinese brands will surpass the soft power and hard sales of modern brands in china.

ix35 korean car's overdraft on the remaining brand dividend

, i can say that the price of ix35 is$11.99-16.19 million yuan, which is actually killing the enemy(a popular compact suv in china), but the market strategy of losing 3000 is a helpless one.if the price of ix35 is high, no doubt it will not be sold, and it will not save the market volume of beijing's modern depressed market.if low, adverse to the modern brand, now a lot of consumer are the modern korean cars such as in front and chinese brand quality almost, korean cars in china almost as much as chinese brands and brand premium, may even less wey and led brands.

korean cars in china rapid development, by is shape and price strategy, so quickly, but now, chinese brand suv modelling design is not inferior to korean cars, while chinese brand suv price even lower than korean cars, configuration is more abundant than korean cars.although both are likely to have a big problem and a small and constant quality, judging from the pricing of ix35, the modern brand premium is about to be overdrawn, and when it is over, it is the end of modern china.

brothers killing each other!the price of the ix25 share

ix35 pricing 11.99-16.19 million yuan is a blow to present, the market pricing of ix25 in 10.98-186800 yuan between, including modern ix25 price in 16.68 2.0 l-186800 yuan between, ix25 2.0 l models price is more expensive than with those of the displacement of ix35, and ix25 carrying 1.6 l and 1.6 t engine models, power not ix35 2.0 l engine.

so, inevitably leads to ix35 preemption ix25 october, according to data ix25 before this year accumulative total sold 33000 vehicles, but in december 2016, sales of about 17300 cars ix25 continued decline in sales this year, falling to the lowest only when more than 1000 vehicles, and ix35 so prices will let sales of ix25 downturn worse!

cut out of the house of vehicle information display, 2015 modern ix35 starts at 149800 yuan, now beijing dealers to older ix35 depreciate to starts at only$104800, but still not improve ix35 at this year's, 2018 ix35 active starting dip below 119900 yuan, if subsequent fixed dealer price 20000 yuan then starts at less than 100000 yuan of 100000 ix35, could bring the price down to passive situation in the future.

2018 ix35 price will do lower quality?

just two generations of 2018 ix35, starting at 110000 s, and 2018 version ix35 beggar instead of more than 2015 kind of ix35 eba brake assist, tcs body stability and traction control, esp after parking radar, hill auxiliary, the rear cup frame, steering auxiliary lamp, the car air conditioning, such as configuration, only reduced the two horns.the price of the 2018 ix35 is cheaper than that of the 2015 ix35, but it is much more the quality of the 2018 ix35 lower?

does not exclude the possibility that, now the quality of korean cars, especially for small fault has become a major disaster area of owner complaints.of the 425 complaints of the car owners on the vehicle, 300 of them were complaints about minor faults such as body accessories and electrical appliances, accounting for 70.59%, which reflected the small problems of ix35.2018 ix35 do big price cuts, must be to reduce the quality, lead to the future more small problems appear, such as cash ix35 similar lamp body in water, rust, skylight is leaking, comment on fault, such as small wrong with greater probability.


2018 ix35 starts at less than 120000 yuan, after the dealer discount of 20000 yuan, cost performance is very outstanding, but ix35 that prices will let modern brand premium further damage, and may hurt ix25 addition, the price may do make quality discount, indisposition problems increasing, ultimately affect the entire modern car quality and brand image in the eyes of consumers, the modern ix35 reduced to compete with the chinese brand single-phase&three-phase, overdraft brand premium ix35 may is the turning point of beijing hyundai into decline.


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