how does great wall vv sell the best evidence last month

the most popular car in the domestic suv this year is the great wall wey series, with vv7 and vv5, with vv7 being more other reason, because chinese people prefer big cars, especially suvs.the great wall used its chairman's surname to name the"wey"series, which distinguished itself from the"h"series and the high-end market in the face.vv7 line disappears after listed, mixed, but one thing is indisputable, it is sales, let's look at some domestic suv market last month report card:

wey vv7 sold 7444 units last month, more than competing goods vehicles gac kei gs8, as a newly listed soon domestic senior suv, the achievement the great wall should be or very gratified.and follow-up the vv5 was also a very powerful spoiler, other brands, especially domestic independent brands will certainly feel the pressure, after all, the cake is so big, you sell a car means more other brands selling a less.

wey vv7 sales good liu people think appearance is a very important factor.when i first saw vv7, the most intuitive feeling was that the car was really imposing, especially the black color.the front face modelling is more complex, the net and fog lamp grille area of cellular modelling is bigger, with a little movement model.the headlights are long and slender, with three bars of led lights.the light configuration of wey vv7 is good, like led headlights, led day lights, automatic headlights, front fog lamps, headlights, and interior atmosphere lamps are all standard matching.the logo of the wey series is not the same as the other models of the great wall, it is designed independently, it is a"1"type, with the word"poating"below, which is the english name of"baoding".the bottom of the license plate is equipped with acc adaptive cruise probe.the whole system is equipped with a high configuration.

wey vv7 targeting senior suv, size of 4749 * 1931 * 1931, 2950, wheelbase nearly 2 tons, weight parameters in addition to the length of the shorter than preach kei gs8 several centimeters, other basic consistent, long wheelbase than gs8 by 15 cm.the side modeling is very dynamic, the rear triangular window area is very small, the chrome on the bottom of the car window has been in the back to have a clear rise.the body structure has a certain pendant behind the c pillar, which gives a feeling of ready to rush out.

the tail looks a stocky, bumper was solid enough, after the vv7c vehicle exhaust is double, tail pipes is a quadrilateral, and pipe exhaust vv7s model is adopted and more.the rear windshield is smaller, with a spoiler at the top.rear taillights are also led light sources, with a slightly convex shape, with a chrome-plated series in the middle of the taillight, and the brake lights are designed on the top of the car.

tires according to different models, low match is 235/55 the r20, brand as the primacy of michelin series;the high matching tire specification is 255/45 r21, the whole system is equipped with tire pressure monitoring, the spare tire is not full size, and the parking brake adopts electronic hand brake.

interior uses the minimalist design style, luxury feeling with science and technology feeling coexist.above the central console is a retractable large-screen and mid-round air conditioning outlet, which resembles an audi a3.wey vv7 has a 9-inch screen with built-in gps navigation, inverted image, on-board interconnection, multimedia playback and other functions.there is an alloy decoration in the center of the center, and the left side is connected with a key start button, which is connected to the right side door.below is air conditioning, ventilating, defogging adjustment area.there are more and more buttons on the left and right sides of the counter, which mainly include the opening of the electric stern door, the selection of driving mode, the seat heating, the control of the body stability system, the parking control, and the design style similar to the porsche.the key area of the front rear is used for multimedia operation, and the layout is similar to the audi mmi.

some models, leather steering wheel model is similar to law system adopts flat at the bottom of the design, more exercise, integrates adaptive cruise, phone bluetooth, sound control, etc.

dashboard is total lcd type, size is larger, strong sense of science and technology, display effect is exquisite, a larger amount of information.

the rear space is not bad, seat besides top-of-the-line is full leather, the other is the mixture of imitation leather and fabric, the rear air conditioning outlet, panoramic sunroof, usb charging interface is standard, the rear seat support scaled down.

power section, wey vv7 whole departments carry is codenamed 4 c20a 2.0 t four-cylinder turbo engine, maximum power 234 horsepower, peak torque of 360 m, can reach 2200 rpm, power book data well, torque is higher, at the same level with displacement after champions league of 370 meters, than the coldwell, highlander, sharp boundary.this engine with dual vvt technology, using direct injection oil supply, 7 block dual-clutch gearbox transmission matching, the official logo of hundreds of kilometers speed grade 8 to 9 seconds, acceleration and joint venture brand at the same level of 2.0 t models have a certain gap.

wey vv7 all department is front-facing precursor, before the suspension of macpherson independent suspension, rear suspension for connecting rod independent suspension, car body structure is integral.from this configuration, there is no off-road property, which is also located in the city suv.the body stability system of wey vv7, the active brake is the whole system standard, and the high distribution model also has the auxiliary driving function, such as the parallel line auxiliary and lane departure warning.

the wey vv7 series models have no preferential, pick up the car parity, the actual price is not cheap, and joint venture brand at the same level of 1.5 t low with similar models.before you buy domestic suv mainly pursue cheap, joint venture suv has big advantages, compared with joint venture suv prices have dipped below, now part of the brand discount is quite big, combined with domestic independent brands of high-end suv quality, design, configuration, go up, prices have in reducing the gap with the joint venture, the consumer to the understanding of the domestic suv also in slowly change, perhaps this is a good start, after all these luxury mercedes-benz bmw brand is not formed in a day, the domestic independent brands still need to support our own people.