china's car sales are up for the month: domestic car sales are close to corolla

/p> comprehensive media coverage and information of the association, the sales of special passenger vehicles in china's automobile market in october 2017 totaled 224.9 million, up 2.6 percent year on terms of market segments, cars and mpv markets declined year-on-year in october, while suvs maintained year-on-year october, the sales of cars and mpv were 1.09 million and 172,000 respectively.suv sales were 98.69 million, up 13.7 percent year on year.the suv is still the engine of growth for the domestic car market in october.

domestic car sales monthly approximation corolla

in october, domestic cars, overall sales are calm, but in front of the sales of the top 20 rankings, there are still major october, new lang sold 4,6854 units, replacing the brand new england as the sales champion this the same time, xuanyi and quick teng also had a better performance in october, xuanyi sold 44,763 vehicles, up one place to no.2 from last month.the company sold 3,4241 vehicles in october, followed by xuanyi as the top-selling runner-up.

is different from the new langyi, xuanyi, and quick teng ranking, and the new england ranking has declined significantly in october, new england sold 33,877 units, down three places from last month to terms of falling rankings, golf and mazda 3 axela were also down in october, both falling out of the top 20 in october.

in terms of independent brands, emgrand ec7 ranking is rising october, the company sold 27,033 cars, compared with fewer than 2,000 in an autonomous brand, it is not easy for the dihao ec7 to be close to the world car.after conquering the suv market, the autonomous brand sedan also began to gradually force, gaining more and more market share.

in addition to the independent brands, korean cars also have a breakthrough in october.sales of korean models have been sluggish because of the diplomatic fallout.but in october, beijing hyundai's lead finally entered the top 20 of its monthly sales october, it sold 15, 400 cars, ranking 19th in monthly sales.

geely into october suv market biggest winner

domestic suv market changes smaller in october.from the list of top 20 models in the list, there are only 1 list differences between the top 20 suv sales in october and addition, the top 3 suv models in october were exactly the same as in september.

, h6 sold 48,577 units in october, still ranked first in the monthly suv sales.but in terms of sales figures, the haver h6 lead is october, baojun 510 sold 45251 vehicles, continuing to maintain the second place of the suv's monthly sales.meanwhile, the sales gap between baojun 510 and haverh6 has narrowed to about 3,000.

in terms of the joint venture brands, road view is still a joint brand sales in the first suv october, tiguan sold 30,567 units, which continued to keep domestic suv sales at addition, unkway continues to be relatively october, it sold 19095 units, down two places to 10th in september.

in terms of changes, geely became the biggest winner of the suv market in october, the company sold 29,530 vehicles, up from 7th in september to addition, the ggs sold 16023 units in october, up from 17th in september to the fiercely competitive suv market, geely automobile has maintained its upward momentum.

main independent mpv vehicle sales growth

domestic mpv market no changes have been october, wuling hongguang and baojun 730 sold 42010 cars and 22,850 units respectively.they still live separately in the mpv addition, the european a800, the scenery 330 also has a better october, auchan a800 sold 9,967 units, up from 5th in september to 4th in the sold 6,524 cars, although it dropped one place from last month, but sales rose nearly 2,000 units in september.

in terms of joint venture models, model is still the most popular joint mpv october, gl8 sold 12,326 units, down about 1,000 units from the previous addition, the sales volume of the mpv, such as elysion, odyssey, and the company, has not changed much.


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