what's the difference between a car and a car?why do many people regret buying it

as the suv market, coupled with a second child, many automakers are pushing seven suvs, but seven of suvs and 5 car prices were similar, the same budget, no matter from space or carrying capacity, 7 car is practical and cost-effective, why a lot of people buy the regret?

yearly check

this should be the owner of the big headaches for problem, 6 years, 7 car once every two years need to be online testing, and 5 car you just need to change a yearly check mark.

insurance, seat

insurance shall pay each year, the family car six below 950 yuan a year, six more than 1100 yuan.

seat liability insurance risk, also called the car personnel, more than 2 seats, cost have to pay for some, of course, if a person drive all year round, and can buy them, don't really want to buy, choose the driver is ok.


7 suv is from 5 to come over and give you added a row of seats, the third row of seats is too small, the space is little, crowded, leg can't stretch, if you really have a need to long time need to 7, buy an mpv is steadfast, overall comfort level to a high level.

spray a word

this must ask, to varying degrees across execution, as long as it's not commonly used for operating purposes, even 7 car, also need not on car sprayed"approval number seven people"related words.but some places are private cars to be used as the main areas for the operation of cars, for the convenience of unified management, the annual review will be sprayed on you.


some people say that highway 7 car is higher than 5 car charge, 7 car and five cars are actually small passenger cars, classified as type of car, no difference on the high fees.for example, the annual spring festival, qingming festival, may day, national day four holidays, seven seats(including seven) are free of charge.

finally recommended if the family is not much, buying a car is enough, 5 is worry.if the weekends, and holidays with parents, children often go out to play(more than six families), suggest to buy a 7 sit mpv, if you say you can pull something, trunk with enough then buy a van.

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