the space for hananda?is it the configuration of the sharp world?how to choose an suv?

in china hundreds of millions of families, mpv is synonymous with vans please ignore method(el), given that buy mpv relatives may say you bought a van face problems, some families also need such a seven do you choose the man who fought long ago in the market, and the sharp world that followed?

bring the contrast model with two cars in 2.0 t of top-of-the-line

about the appearance, is the radish cabbage, his taste, the appearance of the edge is more younger, while the highlander is mature.

bring left for edge, right as the highlander, the same below

highlander and sharp boundary are adopted five radial rims, modelling each has its own characteristics.hananda's hub is 19 inches, while the reebok reaches 20 inches.the width of the wheel is also 245mm.

headlight, edge is equipped with a adaptive distance light led headlamps, and highlander only top-of-the-line models have led low beam, the rest of the models for the halogen.

came to the rear of the edge of the exhaust uses bilateral double the layout, the design of the highlander is hidden.

in terms of body size, highlander, except for width and sharp boundary was consistent in height, width, wheelbase than sharp boundary, especially the wheelbase, difference is that space for hananda is not as good as sharp?of course not, you look down.

, after all, is also a 300000 car interior materials nature is not bad, instrument panel is covered with a soft material, but control of the top edge used the leather material, feel good, interior trim edge.

space, mid-size suv this level of performance is naturally don't have to worry about the front and rear space, basically see the third row.the third row space shows that hanlanda is not bad, the height of 176cm is in the normal sitting position maximum can have a fist two fingers of leg space, the head space is somewhat cramped.

/p>/p>/p/>/p>/p/p/p/p/p>/p/p/p/p/p>/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/p/unlike in the sharp world, hanlanda's third row seat back can be adjusted sharply, and if the seat is laid out, it may ease the awkwardness of the head space.

highlander storage space, though not much, but each is very big, represented by armrest box and the central storage, armrest tank to tuck the head in big to feel(please do not imitate, easy to get stuck, don't ask me how i know).

compared with highlander, edge store content more rich, armrest box also do the design of the lower level.a slight deficiency is that the storage of the ground floor is smaller.

again, came to midsize suv this level, 5 condition completely don't have to worry about load, the seven state performance?in 7 states, the depth of hananda's depth is 430mm, while the sharp boundary is 330mm, and the width is also hananda, which is 1410mm, while the sharp boundary is 1160mm.the two are almost identical in height and are 860mm.

also are 2.0 t engine, edge advantage in power, a 245 horsepower, highlander is 220 horsepower and torque to 350 horsepower, worthy of mention is that the edge of the engine can use 92#gasoline, highlander requires 95#gasoline.

in terms of driving, highlander throttle and steering is lightsome, power output is linear, the gearbox is also very smooth, the suspension is very soft, filtering turbulence more thoroughly, but there are some divergent chassis, the lack of a simple sense, but such good home.

the edge of the throttle and brakes are linear, to have qualitative feeling, also open up very stable.but the gearbox is not as smooth as hanlanda.the suspension is soft and hard, the small bumps can also be well filtered out, and the heavy driving can provide good support.

it's the inside of the two cars are seven suv is a good choice, if you pay more attention to large space, people often take the third row, highlander may be more suitable for you, if you pay attention to comfortable model configuration, believe that edge can get more you like it.


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