some of toyota's most valuable vehicles: the company sold the last two bad streets in the same year


know truth"japanese, german the value of"

"in japanese more hedge to hedge their many consumers have the concept of

, the north german more hedge"

"honda, toyota, volkswagen, nissan, audi and toyota

"then, which models the value? this is today happy to say, after all, hedge ratio is related to the subsequent second-hand car can sell a good price.

toyota prado became a member of the toyota car's value, and this is closely related to its function, after all, in its sales in xinjiang, guangxi area, it is more of a tool and the tramp over mountains and through ravines, like the japanese car in guangdong is a kind of"the feelings".the prado has off-road performance, good reliability, strong and ample interior space, and it uses the mature power assembly, making even the old models are not behind the new models too much, so it used car sales more concentrated in 4 years or 70 thousand kilometers.

new models compared to the old models did not progress too big leap in technology, basically steady upgrade, to adjust the appearance of the interior, the latest is using the 3.5l v6 engine with 6at gearbox.and the old paragraph uses 2.7l with 5mt or 6at, and even the previous 4.0l with 5at gearbox, which can be said to be the most conservative toyota model, to ensure its reliability.for consumers, the second-hand car can arbitrarily choose any year products, the new car is certainly"choose new, not choose the old", after all, the new type of motor fuel oil performance better.

prado is representative of a vehicle, which is representative of the household highlander suv, more of a city suv property, so it is more comfortable than the prado, more suitable for use in the city, so no rugged conditions people are more willing to choose the lower the displacement, lower prices highlander, which it became popular, once the need to increase lift car.

also worth mentioning is that the highlander second-hand selling car more concentrated in the 2012-2014 model, although with the general reputation, but still shows that excellent performance for its comfort, price, also reflects the highlander potential users is not much demand for off-road performance.compared with the new models, the old models in the configuration appears more conscience.

is the most popular suv products in the toyota brand, is also the most close to the people before the arrival of c-hr toyota suv, which accounted for 10.9% of toyota's sales in the reputation, it also gained space, appearance and consumption of praise, is consistent with the evaluation of highlander, the prado.

because rav4 is not replaced by the reason, so for the best-selling models, basically concentrated in about 5 years.compared with rivals such as honda cr-v, rav4 slightly.however, in toyota's plan, the new generation of rav4 coming out of the tnga platform will be released next year, and is expected to carry a new camry thermal efficiency of 40% or 41% powertrain.

is the representative of the camry has been the japanese household car, compared with its competitors with comfort, space and fuel consumption advantages, coupled with the terminal market good discount, making it both have very high popularity in the new car market or second-hand car market.thus, it can be understood that the high hedge rate.

new generation camry is also ready to be launched this month, it is born out of the tnga platform has a lower center of gravity, and replaced with multi link rear suspension, control has been improved.and it is equipped with two 2.5l engine thermal efficiency can reach the highest 40% and 41%, matching the 8at gearbox, wheelbase is also lengthened to addition to the controversial appearance, hugo it can have what reason to refuse a new generation camry.

is the toyota corolla has been taking brand models, 2017 sales of it with a high proportion of 29.45% over toyota's best-selling car title, which in the last year is to become the world's best-selling models, so it has a very terrible quantity.

, and the reason why it sells so well is that it's an excellent home has powerful performance without radical appearance, but has a handsome appearance, but enough power low fuel consumption worry assembly, excellent performance space and 2700mm wheelbase brings for the average family, the needs of users, it can basically meet thethe

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