the scientists of the giant suvs in the russian soil said: evidence of ancient civilizations

years can mask many truths and erase traces of objects.that's a good point.according to relevant experts, the birth of the earth has been 4.5 billion years, to the best of human understanding of it can extend to 200 million years ago, know at that time there were a bunch of grievous dinosaurs ruled the earth, called the jurassic era.besides, nothing!

in this history of blank, even if the human intellectual curiosity is very strong, want to know more things in prehistoric times, but also seem to be overwhelmed, don't know where to start.fortunately, although time can change a lot of things, there will always be some clues.just catch these traces and analyze your reasoning, and you will know some probable truth.

in 2014, an archaeological team found on a slope in russia several very large wheel track, appear very strange.after some investigation, the archaeologists believe that this is the trail left by the suv, but the track area of these wheels is very large, which is not the modern a result, they speculated that it was likely to have been left behind by an suv from 14 million years ago.

when see here, i believe many readers will feel very foolish, how would it be possible to have an suv is more than one thousand years ago?in fact, there is a fault in the history of the earth.mankind has only millions of years of history, and millions of years have been extrapolating from certain objects.

once have scientists from some of the objects in the ancient science and technology more than modern conclusion.

, we believe that the earth's history must be very exciting.unfortunately, due to the limitations of real technology, we can't get what we want!

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