cheer!chery is going to make a stunning debut for chery's next flagship model, exeed


in the four major domestic brands, car companies, the great wall and geely development momentum in recent two years can say is good, the great wall with their own influence and shape of the harvard brand, to the great wall became the greatest leader in the field of independent brand suv.and geely through a successful case of acquisition of volvo brand image thorough popular feeling, with the aid of"volvo boo head", geely, two years of development has really made breakthrough progress, they owned luxury brand, the collar g will soon enter the domestic market sales, byd, of course, although not very well in the suv sector, but also has high influence in the field of hybrid, but established automakers chery?
chery as one of the earliest independent brand car companies, nearly two years in domestic development is really a bit disappointing, thunder to elaborate chery tiggo or dingle 7 last year and the rain is small, in addition to just listed a few months sales still can see it in the past, then lost the strength to compete with mainstream suv, not the most important brand, chery's recent development why so backward?suv was not popular, many consumers said chery is the designer's problem, the appearance of the doctrine of the mean, short space dimension, the two can be said to be the important standard of car, chery is obviously not good to do both.but chery's new suv, unveiled recently, is a great draw for's chery fv2030.

chery fv2030 concept model of the overall appearance design is very bold, the visual effect of the vehicle than not only brought g 01 grade, even bmw, audi, i'm afraid all envy.its front face adopts brand new language design, the position of the center net uses the smoke black treatment, the large area is different color processing makes the vehicle in the vision produces a strong visual impact.and from the side of the car body design, although new car is coupe suvs, but the design style is not the same with the x6, the body is more low, the window of a design more compact, stealth b column design is very delicate.

interior design, tv2030 also has a lot of bright spots, seat through strict ergonomics design, similar to the mercedes two lcd straight in the center console, the grade feeling instantly get a lot of ascension.the new car steering wheel adopts three designs, the outlet is symmetrical design, the details are still in place.
and on the tail design, new car headlights through type design, equipped with air outlet rear wheel eyebrow direction at the same time, dynamic visual effect more hale and the design of the power system, the new car is equipped with a completely new hybrid system.the concept car can be charged wirelessly, and the future will be very good.
although new car at present are far away from the mass production time, but will look from the vehicle appearance make, chery is under a lot of kung fu, believe chery pay will have higher achievements, both brand image and customer comments!

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