The earth existed for hundreds of millions of years it was 40 in our generation only to human beings?

if the development history of the planet we live in to understand somewhat, it is not hard to find in fact, human is not the only, the ruler of the earth, because have done a ruler on the earth and a large number of powerful groups, this group had rule time on earth for 160 million years, and they are our modern people is very yearning and curious dinosaur.

life of dinosaurs in the Mesozoic period, belong to a kind of reptile, and this reptile is also one of the most mysterious species in the prehistoric civilization, the appearance of the creature on earth, created many let a person very amazing landscapes, especially for so long time to dominate earth, provides a very rich prehistoric human material life, the earth is also left us a very valuable asset.

earth existed for hundreds of millions of years it was only 40 in our generation human?

however, the knowledge of dinosaurs also just can only speculate that even though the creature on earth rule time for one hundred million years, but the human has not seen the creature, also is unable to determine the biological characteristics of what is and what is their skin color, also not privy to the creature's body structure, at the same time, the source of food for their survival and living environment, way of life will also don't know.Fortunately this creature civilization, however, are not completely disappear, on earth in the past years, people have unearthed a lot of items associated with the dinosaur, also continues to let people have a certain knowledge of dinosaurs, and even make the image of the creature is full.In the course of the past people know about dinosaurs also know that in such a kind of creature is the masters of the earth, humans did not appear.The fact is really such?

in the process of scientific researchers to dinosaur excavation, can found a study of the creature of the holy land, the holy site is located in Texas, where there was a place called dinosaur valley, since researchers have found that such a place, they have unearthed a large number of items related to dinosaurs.Let the researchers feel shocked that in such a place in the human footprints fossils.

is because such a discovery, scientists have produced a bold speculation, it is perhaps in the age of the dinosaurs and humans have appeared on earth, because researchers from various fields, through to identify such a footprint, no matter from all the aspects of morphology analysis, can be concluded that the footprints of belongs to human.In order to understand humans at the age of the dinosaurs really exist, researchers from various sectors of the global invested more in-depth research.

earth existed for hundreds of millions of years it was only 40 in our generation human?

just let a person very is as early as 65 million years ago, dinosaurs this creature has completely disappeared from the earth, and as we now know the whole evolutionary history of human, can also be found in such a period it is impossible to have human, this creature is the overlord of the earth really at that time, until the huge creatures, from the earth to have peace of mind and breeding of various mammals and mammals as the new masters of the earth.

so, about contemporary humans and dinosaurs, some researchers think that one of the accidental discovery cannot fully illustrate the problem, also can't completely sure, it is human footprints.In order to be able to fully illustrate the problem, find out the most adequate evidence, and some researchers discovered the human footprint in the same bed the same strata with dinosaur footprints phenomenon.

just for the conclusion above, and some researchers proposed to the contrary, because it is on the contrary, the researchers think that there is no humans at the age of the dinosaurs, perhaps these findings because of human been there later, so will leave some footprints, and perhaps as a footprint similar to human footprints to compare.

however, there are some researchers point out, and found that compared with the contemporary human footprint fossil dinosaur, once someone has found 300 million years ago and proterozoic coastal beach, in about ten place resembles a human footprint fossil footprints fossils.Even some researchers also discovered the oldest trilobite fossils, and at the same time human footprints preserved fossils, and these findings also fully illustrates the human actually had was born at a very early age.Especially makes it impossible to believe that there are some archaeological researchers have found that the two footprints are wearing shoes human footprints fossils, there is even a footprint, the existence of the above and trilobites.The researchers believe that if the footprints were left, may at the time the man carelessly trampled the trilobites.

earth existed for hundreds of millions of years it was only 40 in our generation human?

in the field of science of human history is the present, it is easy to find a human is about 3 million years ago in appeared on the earth, and human wearing shoes is just only a few thousand years, and in this time, trilobites already disappeared in the 300 million years ago, so this is how?To this, scientists still failed to find the answers to these questions, but these problems also like mystery, for many years in the field of science, so far no solution.

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