Speculate the future: by 2030, the human is most likely to achieve eight amazing transformation

in 2030, the society will become how, for conservative, write down the most likely to be realized eight amazing transformation

$1.1000 buy the brain processing speed of computer

speculate the future: by 2030, eight amazing transformation of human is most likely to achieve

supercomputers can spread homes

in 2030, as long as you pay 1000 dollars, can buy a super computer, can calculate 16 10 ^ (10 quadrillion) per second per second, equivalent to the human brain's processing speed.

2. Everything connected

speculate the future: by 2030, eight amazing transformation of human is most likely to achieve

the connection between the networking of networking equipment, people, processes and data.By 2030, the IOE will be more than 10 billion connected devices, each with a dozen or more sensor to collect data.This will create sensors economic and data-driven revolution, far beyond our imagination.

followed by the connection speed is accelerated, internet.org (Facebook), ferry, Google ProjectLoon project), qualcomm and virgin (OneWeb) program provides global acceleration connection, then everybody on earth at a speed of more than one million bits per second.

3. Your eyes are placed in any place

our eyes will be arranged in any corner of the world, we will request the restaurant must live video of the state of work in the kitchen.And sensor data acquisition (self-driving cars, satellite systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, wearable devices, video cameras), you can know what you want, anytime and anywhere query hardware (satellite, radio telescopes, lunar robot) data, and to seek insights.

4.3 D cloud print

3 D printing artificial bone, model of 3 D printing, 3 D printing children's toys, 3 D printing engine, 3 D printing house, 3 D printing robot and so on.All manufacturing 3 d printing is changed!

5. Medical change

the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, and today's big data (Google, Apple, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, etc.) will be entering the lucrative as much as $4 trillion in the great changes in medical industry. biometric sensor (AI) and wearable devices will be the CEO of each person in his own body health.

large-scale genome sequencing and machine learning can let us understand cause cancer, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases and unexpected.Robotic surgeons can perfectly independent surgery (every time), you need to give a red envelope to robot.

6. Augmented reality and virtual reality

billions of dollars of investment Oculus (Facebook), Google (MagicLeap), holographic lens (Microsoft), such as SONY, qualcomm, HTC has brought a new generation of display and user interface.

this technology revolution of far-reaching significance, the result will be a potential vandals, from consumer retail, real estate, education, tourism, entertainment and work, and we have no way to stop this process.

7. Have no form of AI form, the early iron man

speculate the future: by 2030, eight amazing transformation of human is most likely to achieve

artificial intelligence research will make great progress in the next ten years.If you think that now the Siri silly, over the next decade of Siri could be more like iron man.Ten years later, can usually be your AI to get to know you, reading your email and scan your biometric data.

8 block chain impact to all walks of life, not just the currency

speculate the future: by 2030, eight amazing transformation of human is most likely to achieve

if you haven't heard of data block chain, I strongly recommend you to read it to understand it.You may have heard of the currency, it is distributed (global), democratization, highly secure encrypted link chain of "electronic currency".But the real innovation is block chain concept itself, it allows you to safely, decentralized (without intermediaries), numerical value and the transfer of assets, contracts, equity and intellectual property rights (money).

a: we are living in the most exciting moment. when we are living in unimaginable towards the only constant is change, and change faster and faster.

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