why is the israeli uz assault rifle a bandit gun?

hebrew:עוזי), is a design and production of israeli automatic firearms.it is also the first in the world to use the envelope of the submachine gun, bolt back into the rear of the casing, shorten the distance between the bolt operation, and the casing to cover most of the barrel, so as to shorten the overall length of the firearms.uzi's magazine is placed in the grip to keep the firearms balanced so that they have a quick pointing like a pistol.

uzi up to now, it has exported as many as 90 countries.in its entire service life, in addition to the israeli national arsenal(imi), it was also produced by fn and other manufacturing companies.from the 1960s to the 1980s, more uzi submachine guns were sold more military, law enforcement and security markets than any other submachine guns.

march 30, 1981 us president ronald reagan's assassination scene, agents robert ·

wangke pull out the uz assault guns alert at any time possible attack

2007 in 1948, the israeli army was formally formed, using weapons such as carnivals, german-made, italian-made, and produced in a brazilian naval frigate.

, the austrian production, which for the first time the use of new weapons, soldiers, is simply a nightmare.the attendant maintenance and repair, spare parts and other issues also make the government a headache.

at the end of the arab war in 1948(the first middle east war), an israeli officer named uziel gal thought that many of the assault rifles were suitable for the needs of the desert war, they initiation of the design of a new submachine gun idea.uzbe gale himself participated in the underground army of the country after the founding of israel, mainly responsible for the maintenance of weapons and the like, so there is a certain experience in firearms manufacturing.

after some preparation, uz gail started in 1949, based on the structure of the czech republic's sa 23 series, combined with the needs of the desert environment, with a very short time to develop out of a simple structure, easy to produce submachine gun.he put the design by the boss's attention, put him and his guns sent to the imi.after two years of revision and improvement in imi, and through the tests of the israeli army, the design was finalized in 1951.it is said that uz gail has proposed not to use his name to name this weapon, but this new gun or in 1951 was officially named uzi submachine gun(there are two domestic translation,"uz"or"wu qi").in 1963, uz gail was explaining to the german defense minister that he was briefing the german defense minister in 1963.

the design of the uzi submachine gun just appeared, it was quickly included in the ranks of the masterpiece of the other models of the submachine guns have caused no small impact, the country's orders and trample, of which two an important reason:first, it is a short appearance, compared to the uzi submachine gun body shorter than the other submachine gun.second, its reliable performance, into the water, buried in the sand, and even dropped the cliff, it is still intact.uzi submachine gun also has a good balance, whether it is shot in front of the shoulder or shot the waist, it is very comfortable.

1950s in the arsenal produced uzi submachine gun

1960's uzi submachine gun in the arsenal

uzi submachine gun in the warehouse, some guns seem rusty

uz gail did not satisfied with his invention, he continued to improve the uzi submachine gun.after some transformation, the uz assault rifle was officially launched in 1951, after which the israeli army was equipped.80 years, the overall size of the small uz assault guns swept the extravagant, followed by the manufacture of smaller micro-uzi submachine gun.the attendant drawback is the rapid increase in the rate of fire, less than one second of the trigger time can be 20 rounds of bullets dumped, the gun body becomes extremely difficult to control.in order to reduce the rate of fire, the designer eventually had to increase the bolt.

because the fire rate is too fast, this micro uzi with three magazines the parser connects the four magazines together


uzi uses a free-type bolt(inertia latch), the bolt structure for the envelope(also known as the nested), the advantages of this structure is compact.the bottom of the shell is 101mm from the front end of the gun.in the bolt lock, firing moment, the front of the bolt has a long section of the tail in the barrel.this can shorten the length of the whole gun, but also in case of early fire or late fire and other failures to avoid damage to the gun work mechanism or injury shooter.and because the gun with the former impact of the hair, you can offset part of the gunpowder gas pressure impulse, so under the same effect, the weight of the bolt than the use of closed-type free-type bolt to reduce the weight of half.

as a result of the use of forward shock, so when the cartridge has not yet entered the chamber, the pin and the bottom of the bullet is not correct, and thus the formation of pre-firing mechanical insurance.in addition, the handle groove groove there is a ratchet insurance, when the handle for some reason after moving back more than 48mm(the bolt bottom of the plane just back to the back of the magazine mouth), even if the handle slip, bolt also can not move into the push into the chamber, because this time ratcheat insurance will hang the bolt.when the handle back in place, the clasp moved to the front, the machine can only return.this will prevent the gun from falling"fire".

slow speed machine is located on the left side of the grip, sliding, set the position:installed in the"a"for the automatic shooting, installed in the"r"for the semi-automatic, installed in the"s"for the insurance.the trigger link is connected with a single lever.the ferrule is a double fork, and the single lever is located between the two prongs.

when the speed of the machine handle is set in the automatic position, withholding the trigger, the trigger link down and drive the single hair drop, single pole will block the iron pressure in the lower position.so, as long as you do not release the trigger, the iron can not be lifted, the bolt can be unimpeded to reciprocate, until the magazine in the bullet finished.if the trigger process in the release of the trigger, single lever with the trigger link up, the iron in its spring under the action of the rise, into the bolt into the card slot, the bolt was hanging in the rear position.

when loaded in a semi-automatic position, the trigger lever is pulled not only by the trigger link but also by the extension of the shaft.in this way, the single lever will slide out between the two chains of the iron, and the iron will be lifted to the bottom of the machine.to blow again, the trigger must be released so that the single lever is turned back into the iron-iron fork to rejoin the block.the buckle trigger can then launch another shot.

5-grip insurance and spring


uz mini submachine gun:full length 600mm, weight 2.9kg


uz pistol:miniature uz's semi-automatic

mini uzcarbin gun:mini uz submachine gun semi-automatic version, barrel length 450mm

uz pro submachine gun:miniature uz latest[/p]

you can shoot directly in the box uzi suitcase gun


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