monthly evening announcement highlights: zhongke information business black horse tomorrow to resume trading

flush(300033) financial news september 19 evening, the two cities listed companies issued an important notice:

[hot notice]

china unicom to start the provincial branch(600,487) evening announcement, the company and china unicom yunnan branch in yunnan province, honghe hani and yi autonomous prefecture, nujiang lisu autonomous prefecture to carry out the socialization of mobile business.

service cooperation.hengtong photoelectric is responsible for new facilities, system investment, investment estimated about 290 million yuan.china unicom as one of the central enterprises mixed ownership reform pilot units, in the steady progress of the mixed ownership reform of the group, according to china unicom on the southern resident network to strengthen the strategic positioning of social capital cooperation, start the provincial branch of the mixed ownership reform.

fangda carbon has acquired the carbon market share of rmb 26%

fangda carbon(600516) 19 evening reply to the exchange inquiry letter, the company and its subsidiary graphite the total production capacity of the electrode is 165,000 tons/year, of which the profit and production capacity is 138,400 tons/year; in the first half of 2017, the total output of the graphite electrode of the company and its subsidiaries is 79,000 tons, of which the yield is 66,600 tons, industry total output calculation, the market share of 24.74%.if the transaction is completed, the company's equity production capacity will increase to 14.8 million tons/year, an increase of 0.96 million tons/year, compared with the company's current equity production capacity increased by 6.94%; 2017 first half of the equity production will increase to 70,800 tons, production and industry total output calculation, the market share will increase to 26.3%, up of june 30, 2017, hefei carbon total assets of 21,649.04 million, liabilities of 97,205,100 yuan, net assets of 119,285,300 yuan; 2017 in the first half to achieve operating income of 11,888,400 yuan, net profit of 8,387,700 yuan.

after verification, 20 days from the resumption of black horse(300688) suspension check and resume trading.(300672) 19 evening announcement, due to the recent increase in stock prices, the company to shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, shenzhen, the stock exchange applies for stock suspension stock in the morning of september 20, 2017 opened from the suspension, to be verified after the company to verify the results of the resumption of trading.

dean diagnostics(300244) 19 evening announcement, the company is planning non-public offering of shares, which raised investment projects involving cash purchase of assets, the purchase of the subject matter for the in vitro diagnostic industry shares, the transaction is expected to amount to 998 million yuan.the company's shares have been closed since 20 september 2017 on wednesday, 2017.


the new steel shares three quarterly advance by about 371%-443%

new steel shares(600,782) 19 evening announcement expected the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies from january to september of 2017 was approximately rmb1.5 billion to rmb1.5 billion, representing an increase of approximately 371%-443% as compared to the same period last year.the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in the same period of last year was rmb 27,595.22 million.mainly since 2017, in the country continued to promote the supply side of the reform, steel production capacity policy to the background, especially with the elimination of if furnace, as well as remediation"to the steel"and other measures to strictly implement the steel market was warmer, to the iron and steel enterprises enhance the operating results to create a good condition.

[increase or decrease]

section hkust a shareholder dongya hong investment to be reduced by no more than 6% shares

ke duo gu chuang(300520) 19 evening announcement , the shareholders of the company shanghai yahong equity investment fund center(limited partnership) plan from the date of disclosure of the announcement within fifteen trading days after six months, through the centralized auction, bulk transactions or agreements and other laws and regulations to allow the way to reduce the amount of no more than 12,681,900 shares of the company, the proportion of reduction does not exceed the company's total share capital of of the date of announcement, yahang investment holds 26,991,807 shares of the company, accounting for 12.77% of the total share capital of the company.

felicity(300395) 19 evening announcement, the company's actual controller deng jiagui, wu xuemin holding company shares 72,426,726 shares(accounting for 24.54% of the total share capital of the company), and plans to reduce the number of shares of the company by more than 17,710,380 shares(the proportion of the total share capital of the company) in the six months after the 15 trading days from the date of the announcement.6%).in addition, the directors and senior executives of the company have not paid more than 901,888 shares(accounting for 0.31% of the total share capital of the company) within 6 months.the directors and senior management of the company, zheng wei, not more than 60,000 shares(0.02% of the total share capital of the company).

stellite lansen proposed investment holdings of shareholders does not exceed 550 million

stellite(603 520) 19 evening announcement, as of announcement date of disclosure:lansen investment holdings there were 14,500,000 shares of the company without trading moratorium, accounting for 12.08% of the total share capital of the company.longsheng investment from the date of announcement from march 8, 2010 after the date of march 8, 2018, reference to market prices, to focus on auctions, bulk transactions, etc., holdings of not more than 5,500,000 shares.

hongda shares(600,331) 19 evening announcement, holdings accounted for 9.84% of the shareholders of the new hualian holdings(000036) plans to reduce the number of shares of the company by more than 81,280,000 shares(4% of the total share capital of the company) within six months after the three trading days from the date of announcement of the reduction plan.

longji shares of a executives to be reduced by 35 million shares

longji shares(60,1012) 19 evening announcement, as of the announcement date, longji green energy technology co., ltd.executives wang xiaozhe holds 1,760,000 shares of the company, representing 0.09% of the company's total share capital.within 6 months after the 15 trading days from the date of the announcement, wang xiaozhe plans to reduce the number of tradable shares held by the company without any more than 350,000 shares by way of centralized bidding.

anhui water conservancy(600502) 19 evening announcement, the company(the other) the total investment is about 437.3386 million yuan, the cooperation period is 2.5+12 years, of which the construction period of 2.5 years, the operation of the project, the construction of the project, period of 12 years.the project investment accounted for 3.81% of the audited operating income of the company in 2016.rendezvous medical(603108) 19 evening announcement, the two sides of the transaction on the reorganization of the payment method and other core terms can not be agreed upon.

in view of this, the parties to the transaction to be terminated this major asset restructuring related matters, but will be other forms of investment in the underlying company, the parties concerned are still active consultations.the company's stock was suspended on september 19, 2017 and was suspended from september 20.previously, the company intends to use 903 million yuan in cash for 60% stake in changchun jinze rui.

waigaoqiao intends to transfer 2.64 billion senlan d1-4 in construction is expected to profit 77 million

waigaoqiao(600648) 19 evening announcement, the company intends to 2,637,124,332.50 yuan of the listing price will senlan d1-4 in construction projects through the shanghai united assets and equity exchange publicly listed transfer.if the above book price is based on the above, the company is expected to receive a net profit of about 77 million yuan.senlan d1-4 under construction project is located in shanghai pudong new area senlan waigaoqiao commercial business district d1-4 plots.planning use for commercial, business office; project land area of ​​51,072.50 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​293,676 square meters, the total construction area of ​​204,290 square meters.(600208) 19 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of the new lake group intends to 96 million yuan for the price of the transferee company(600,208) held by the 8% stake in the new lake futures; the same time, the new lake group to 40,000 million price of the transferee subsidiary of the company held by the investment held by xing and investment 100% stake.among them, xinghe investment holds 54% stake in xinhu of the end of 2016, the total assets of the new lake futures 534,102.88 million, owned by the parent company owner's equity 80,974.05 million, 2016 in january-december to achieve operating income of 793,459,100 yuan, attributable to the parent company's net profit of 58,710,800 yuan.

fosun subsidiary of sisram19日在港联交所上市

fosun pharmaceutical(600 196) 19 evening announcement, the company was a subsidiary of sisram medical ltd 2017 september 19 listed on the main board of the hong kong stock exchange with stock code 1696.lingyun shares(600480) 19 evening announcement, by the military reform, changes in market demand and other factors, is expected to target the company's oriental star together to complete the

lingyun shares to terminate the reorganization of the matter to continue the suspension

commitment performance there is a large uncertainty, the company intends to terminate the reorganization of the stock since september 20, 2017 opened from the market suspension, suspension time of not more than 5 trading days.prior to this, the company intends to issue shares to buy hebei taihang machinery industry co., ltd.100% stake and beijing oriental star technology co., ltd.100% stake.

eastern energy and pingshan county government signed a new wind power project cooperation agreement

eastern energy(000958) 19 evening announcement, in september, the company and hebei province pingshan county government signed the"new wind power project cooperation framework agreement".according to the agreement, the company will invest in the development and construction of wind farms in pingshan county, pingshan wind farm site is located in pingshan county in the camp township, jiao tan town, yang jiaqiao township, the ancient town, under the town, xiaoyao town can be developed wind power area.the proposed new wind power plant area can develop capacity of about 100,000 kilowatts, planning investment of about 800 million yuan, one or two total installed capacity of 200,000 kilowatts, to be invested about 1.7 billion.(601811) 19 evening announcement, recently with the sichuan provincial department of education directly under the institutions of sichuan province student financial management center(hereinafter referred to as the"xinhua news agency"), signed the"sichuan province 2017-2018 school year compulsory education students free textbook purchase contract", the sichuan provincial department of education to a single source of procurement, to the company procurement 2017-2018 school year sichuan province compulsory education students textbooks and primary school students dictionary, contract the total amount of about 1 billion yuan.the signing of the procurement contract, the company continued to become 2017-2018 school year in sichuan province compulsory education students a single source of textbooks supplier to ensure that the company's main business income stability.(600629) 19 evening announcement, the company affiliated to the east china institute of architectural design institute of the commonwealth of hong kong nanhui new town nhc101(hereinafter referred to as the"community 01 unit 19-02, 20-01, 22-02 plot new project.the total amount of the project is rmb 12,335.71 million, and the east china institute undertakes the project design task.the design contract price is rmb121.89 million, accounting for 2.68% of the audited operating income of the company in 2016.

baiyun airport signed a second cloud terminal area cloud project project cooperation agreement

baiyun airport(600004) 19 evening announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of the second flight control company and guangzhou ming company signed the guangzhou baiyun international airport on the 2nd terminal area cloud project project cooperation agreement.enming company to obtain the contract agreed to operate the right to operate the venue to the second flight control company on a monthly basis to pay the contract costs, its composition:rental fee+transfer fee+other costs.rental fee:300 yuan/㎡.month × site area.enming the company's right to operate at the end of the right to transfer the price of 2435 yuan/㎡, commission ratio of 20%(fixed value).the contract for the operation of enming company is 6 years from the date of the opening of guangzhou baiyun international airport terminal 2, from february 1, 2018 to january 31, 2024.during the contract period, the company is expected to bring operating income of rmb 507.71 million to the no.2 company.

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