continuous one word limit so why this shares so sad reminder

* st ann is perhaps one of the worst shares of the year.

in a small bull atmosphere, there have been a few recent stocks fell continuously, which is the largest decline in the non-st(600,654) none other than the stock also to 16 consecutive limit, became in addition to the delisting of the xindu hotel, the year the largest number of shares in the stock.

the most tragic during the year:september 13, * st in the reorganization of the news to resume the resumption of trading, followed by a continuous limit, the resumption of trading has been 11 consecutive limit.if you count before the suspension, * st in the year has been 16 consecutive limit.

* st in the predecessor of the"old eight shares"of the fly music 2015, feile shares reorganization, in the abolition of the backdoor car rental the stock referred to renamed in the consumer, the company experienced a glorious time, june 12, 2015 stock price reached 47.07 yuan high, the total market value of more than 60 billion yuan, after sustained decline, the current market value of the company only 98.4 billion, the highest peak shrinking bacheng.

for the reasons for the termination of the reorganization, the company believes that the other party in the negotiations in the initial frequent lower prices, and payment, guarantee terms, transaction cycle, information disclosure and other aspects of harsh conditions, the company's negotiations are extremely difficult.

* st in the trouble of more than that.according to the company's actual controller tu guoshen september 20 letter to the shanghai stock exchange inquiry letter, tu guoshen equity pledge financing has touched the warning line, which is actively taking the relevant measures to increase the letter, as of the time, has not yet due to pledge financing specific risks the

but after september 20, * st in the security of the five down limit, liquidation pressure to further increase, even because the stock limit can not be strong, but the pledge of the current situation is clearly more worried.

in addition, since the net profit from the previous reorganization into the asset did not reach the forecast the number of shares held by the shareholders in the letter should be promised to compensate for the shares, but due to the case of heng huizhi litigation matters, for the compensation of shares set up special accounts held 4869 shares were the recent investor briefing, * st zhong an said that he would pay close attention to the pledge or freezing situation of the controlling shareholder and its effect and actively promote the issue of the freezing of the compensation shares and urge the controlling shareholder to perform the compensation shares as soon as possible and timely fulfill the obligation of information disclosure.

in addition, for the debt service of the bond, * st zhong an said that the company attaches great importance to debt repayment work, will be sold back to the bank two months before the designated departments and personnel to set up debt repayment work group.

and the national gold in the anhu 2 set of asset management plan.which in january 1, 2017, the expiration of the expiry of may 11, 2017, and in may 12, 2017 to complete a liquidation, but in the constant exchange and * st in the implementation of the provisions of the difference in the amount of payment obligations, the country gold securities this year on the constant huizhi and * st in the prosecution, but in august this year, the state securities and withdrew.

it is estimated that the two funds are planned to enter the market in 2015, of which china's gold in the an-buy no.1 mainly in may 2015, when the stock price coincides with the present, the two management plans are serious losses.

it is noteworthy that in the recent * st zhong an continuous limit in the process, there is a seat to sell more compelling.according to * st in the september 20 after the disk list data, september 18~ september 20, state securities co., ltd.customer asset management department successfully sold 303.82 million yuan, a comprehensive estimate, the seat to sell out of the stock may come from the above management plan.

can investors claim? still need to wait for the results of the survey

for a large number of investors were mixed during the loss, the loss has been caused, up too unrealistic, their greatest hope is to claim the company.

zhejiang yufeng law firm li jian lawyers told reporters that in december 24, 2016 zhong an announcement by the commission for investigation, has not yet announced the results, investors need to wait patiently.once the sfc finds that the company's information disclosure is illegal and punishable, investors with impaired interests can sue claims in accordance with the law.according to the judicial interpretation, the following investors can be discounted:before december 23, 2016 to buy in the stock(600654), and in december 23, 2016 after the sale or continue to hold the stock damaged investors; if the final results show that the company has no information disclosure violations, then, just lost investment, can not claim the company.

reporter saw in the stock it, there are investors to convene rights, and repeatedly emphasized that"everyone please keep 100 shares, do not all of clearance, the claim is significant, whether related to investment losses for all the eligibility of the claim".

for investors to retain 100 shares is consistent with the claim conditions, li lawyers told reporters that the problem is still unable to judge, the courts around the day, the calculation method is not unified, resulting in different cases of similar cases, whether in line with the conditions of the claim, the amount of the final claim to the court shall prevail, to remind investors to try to consult professional lawyers, whether to sell their own judicious decision.

li lawyer further analysis, some courts believe that the sfc after the filing of investors to sell the stock can claim, and some courts believe that the commission issued a notice before the notice in advance, investors sell all stock can not claim.some courts believe that exposing the remaining 100 shares in the future can still claim the actual loss, and some courts believe that only 100 shares can only claim that the corresponding loss of 100 shares.referee standard is not uniform and really troubled investors in accordance with the law, hope the supreme court can promptly introduce the case, to further clarify the referee criteria.

in september there are these stocks are also miserable, the reasons for the different stocks

* st is not a delisting in the market, but the tragic trend is better than delisting stocks.5 at the end of the resumption of trading after five consecutive one-stop limit, early june suspension, september 13 after resumption of trading and then 11 word limit, the cumulative 16 consecutive stop trading, second only to mid-year delisting of the new hotel 17"one word limit", a record intraday second consecutive year, and is not yet open board.but the only worthy of"comfort"is, * st in a limit of only 5%, while the new hotel is 10% lower limit.

according to statistics, since september, a total of 12 shares fell more than 20%.oriental tower since the beginning of the year, plummeted 33.37%, today's limit.

from the trend point of view, the trend of this month there is no technical analysis at all, the report is also an increase in performance, but 5-8 month rose huge, close to double, do not rise more than the most fundamental reason for its decline?

the first letter by the phi phi was st st ball(600556) ranked third in the monthly limit.september 8 evening, st huiqiu released"on information disclosure, corporate governance issues related to the rectification of the notice", the company said it has completed five aspects of the the same time, st hui also announced the actual controller of shenzhen rui lai jia yu and the company issued a high commitment to the book, which rui lai jiayu said that since the date of commitment letter issued 12 months, will not hold the holdings shares of listed companies.after more than 8 months of suspension of rectification, st huiqiu resumption of trading, suffered a continuous five-word limit, as of now, after the resumption of trading fell 30.34%.(601619), as the lowest in the history of new shares, 1.26 yuan issue price, all the way up after the market rose to 13.78 yuan, or as high as 994%, the highest price of the new stock market, this month began to embark on a long yindie road, as of the current month fell by 29.51%.(10,014), the resumption of the second half of the word limit, the third day to open the daily limit, 4 trading days down 29.48%.due to the planning of major issues, quantum gaoke from december 15, 2016 morning opening from the market.september 20, 2017, quantum gaoke announced that the company decided to suspend the major asset restructuring.more than nine months of hard to keep, but in exchange for such a result, investors are suffering.