reveal the real world of the mystery of the end of the year or no one will be spared!

end of the world

2036 the end of the world will come again

april 13, 2036 asteroid is likely to hit the earth

there are many legends about the end of the world, xiao bian remember some people say that in 2012 when the"the end of the world"will come, this argument has a long history, is based on the maya records out, but 2012 has passed, the end of the world argument is self-defeating, in the end there is no end of the world? why 2036 will be the real end of the world that? this time will be because of what is imminent?

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    why 2036 will be the real end of the world that?                                               "earth can not withstand collisions, and collisions with asteroids greater than one kilometer in diameter will lead to a global catastrophe."

    please circle the calendar on april 13, 2036, this day a small asteroid is likely to hit the earth.the small asteroid called"apotheker", 390 meters wide, will probably collide with the earth in 2036, releasing 10 million times more energy than the hiroshima atomic bomb, thousands of square kilometers of the area will be directly affected, and the release of dust into the atmosphere may affect the ecology of the whole earth.

    it is the name of the devil, precisely because the asteroid will bring unprecedented catastrophic threat to mankind.the name of the asteroid was called"2004mn4", which in june 2004 was found by scientists, about 390 meters in diameter.

    nearly asteroid and earth collide is just a matter of time, not a question.asteroids with a diameter of more than 1 km will hit the earth once every 100,000 years and the asteroids with diameters greater than 6 km will hit the earth once every few hundred million years, and this impact will cause extinctions.this time we are facing a late big guy.

    one,"apotheker"will hit the earth?

    nasa scientists after the orbit check found that the highest level of its threat to the highest level,"abifis"and the earth pass by, but will re-visit the earth in 2036, and may break through the atmosphere and the earth collided!

    "apotheker"is now ranked"torino level"4 level, 10 means the inevitable global destructive collision."apotheker"of the dangerous level in the discovery of the asteroid is the highest, it and the earth in 2036 the probability of collisions up to 37 points!

    second, introduce"abifi according to the calculation of the"apophis"(apophis) operating track, it will be in 2029 with the earth passing, hit the earth in 2036, resulting in more than the december 2004 indian ocean earthquake tsunami terrible destruction.

    "apotheker"is one of the nearly 800 known asteroids known to astronomers, and one of the few astronomers who wish to study in detail.

    "apotheker"asteroid is a near-earth asteroid running around the sun, its shape is irregular, only about 320 meters in diameter, about 42 million tons of quality.was discovered in june 2004, then lost traces, until six months later again found,"apopheus"will be in the april 13, 2029 and the earth passing.scientists observed uninterrupted observations of the"apotheker"asteroid, and the estimated data show that the distance between the"apotheker"asteroid and the earth in 2029 was 18640 miles , this distance is more than a few thousand miles away from the distance between the majority of communications satellites and the earth.

    2029 years,"apotheker"really can be with the earth passing?

    april 13, 2029, the asteroid"apotheker"will flying over the earth at a height of 30,000 contrast, geostationary satellites have a track height of 36,000 the nearest distance, the asteroid will be like a 3-star star.even in the city of light, in africa, europe and asia visible.there have been records, no one has ever seen such a bright space in the asteroid.

    when abifus is whistling around the earth, the gravitational force of the earth will twist the celestial body into a complex state of swinging, and the torque generated by gravity can also tear the"the such events have never been witnessed, and scientists will have the best chance ever to see how the gravity of the planet affects the movement of an asteroid.

    scientists' answer is:"of course, the 2036 hit disaster will be difficult to avoid when the asteroid"apotheker"swept the earth at a height of more than 30,000 kilometers from the surface of the earth in 2029, its own state and its orbit will change as a result of the gravitational pull of the earth.

    this change is enough to cause it to"hit"the earth seven years later, that is, 2036.the resulting force is enough to make the united states texas disappear, or make two european countries disappear.the energy of the explosion is equivalent to 110,000 atomic bombs exploded in hiroshima, and the creatures on earth will be devastated.

    if"apotheker"hits the pacific ocean, it will set off a 200-meter-high wave, and its shock waves will sweep over 1/4 of the earth's area.plants and humans will die because of the cold and the food chain..."

    5, what should be done? the tracker

    2013 is the best time to observe the space of the"apotheker"space.the spacecraft carrying the radio tracker will depart for the"dating"location within 10 years.if the tracker shows that the asteroid will indeed collide with the earth, earth human will be designed to deviate from the original orbit to avoid the earth.

    2."gravity trailer"

    earth mankind ready to fly in the"apotheker"in 2029, in the vicinity of the earth, in 2029, when the asteroid near the earth, only about one ton of"gravitational trailer"spacecraft, you can significantly change the orbit of the asteroid.

    "gravity trailer"is an innovative thinking.before the impact is to use the impact of the explosion to change the asteroid orbit, and"gravitational trailers"no longer need to explode, and no nuclear pollution.

    3.launch spacecraft

    humans have come up with a lot of ways to avoid asteroid collision with the earth.including the launch of a spacecraft, the use of its"apophisia"asteroid gravitational force, it will not hit the earth.

    4.built space protection network

    a the fact that near-earth asteroids with a diameter of about 1 km or more, once hit the earth, is enough to cause an unprecedented catastrophe in human history, has inspired people to make a network of protection for the earth and to let people think about how they can cause disaster the small asteroid transfer direction.

    6, there are other asteroids may crash into the earth?

    yes, in 2071, a 1950 called the 1950d a thousandths of the asteroid may hit the earth.according to the present run track of the 1950da, the asteroid will collide with the earth after 878 years, that is, march 16, 2880.

    for the earth , to now scientists are familiar with the most pressing danger, from a code-named 2000sg344 asteroid.the asteroid will have a collision with the earth in 2071.the asteroid is the first planet to have a"collision with the earth"more than 0.

    scientists the risk of collision of asteroids with the earth from 0 to 10 is divided into 11 levels, and 0 is the highest level once the collision with the earth, then its impact energy will be greater than 100 hiroshima atomic bomb, the explosion of more than the world the most powerful nuclear weapons.

    seven, how should we prevent the earth?

    once the asteroid has found the possibility of impact on the earth, mankind must have enough time to prepare, and prepare time generally takes would be too late to take action when the asteroid approaches the earth.

    because the asteroid's flight speed will certainly exceed the speed of the fastest human aircraft, it is impossible to send a human-launched aircraft to catch up with it and place humans can only expect to find them early, and launch the aircraft to outer space"waiting"to intercept, and then think of it away from the track.this"cosmic battlefield"is far from the earth, the more safe the human being.

    earth can not withstand collisions, colliding with asteroids larger than 1 km in diameter will lead to a global catastrophe.when the asteroid hit the surface of the earth, everything in the range around the radius of 200 km to 2000 km range of things will be destroyed.the fire will be shrouded in a larger area, a huge number of ashes and dust will be thrown into the atmosphere, the world is dark, the sun will not be able to reach the earth's surface, the earth's temperature dropped sharply, most of the warmth of plants and animals will be extinct, plant photosynthesis will also stop.

    a few years later, when the dust finally settled, the sun re-illuminated the earth, due to the impact of the atmosphere caused by a large increase in carbon dioxide and produce greenhouse effect.the rise in the ground temperature caused the melting of the polar glaciers, which resulted in flooding on most of the land.

    if the asteroid falls into the ocean, a huge tsunami occurs, monstrous waves rushed to the land, the earth on the shore of all creatures almost immediately died.the moisture entering the atmosphere will completely change the circulation of the atmosphere.the destruction of the atmosphere will be more terrible than the fall of the meteorite to the land.

    even a small planet with a diameter of only 100 meters, no matter which city it falls, will make the whole city disappear from the earth.while asteroids with diameters less than 100 meters are the hardest to find.for the earth man, the main danger is from them.

    asteroid passing in front of the earth is not the first time, january 7, 2002, with a 300 meter diameter asteroid at 110,000 km/h speed with the earth"pass", the exact time is beijing time 15:37.although the earth lucky to escape the collision, but the"pass"has made scientists have a lingering fear.the reason is very simple, although the asteroid has long been running in the direction of the earth, but until december 26, 2001, until the asteroid toward the earth's location before the 12 days, it was the united states national day a small astronomical telescope found.

    the number of this asteroid is 2001yb5.when the astronomical telescope of the united states captures it, it is approaching the direction of the earth, and it looks like its size is similar to a rock that is one meter in diameter from the surface of the moon.

    when it was discovered, american astronomers had been unusually nervous because a 300-meter-long asteroid might have hit the earth at a speed of 110,000 km/h energy at least 150 km radius of all the buildings and natural things razed to the ground, even the radius of 800 km outside the area will also cause immeasurable losses.

    until the scientists calculated the orbit of the asteroid at the fastest speed, they were relieved that the asteroid would not hit the earth and, when approaching 830,000 kilometers from the earth , it will turn against the direction of the earth away.facts verify that the asteroid's trajectory is no different from the scientist's calculations.

    83,000 km, from the common sense is not close to the distance , but from the astronomical point of view, in the solar system, it has entered the earth's"suburbs."in other words, at the speed of its operation, the asteroid is less than eight hours away from its orbit to the earth.

    if this asteroid is really heading for the earth, can stand still, because the scientific means now, although scientists can quickly calculate its orbit and foresee the threat to the specific areas, but not the ability to take any effective time in 12 days of preventive measures.

    if you really go to the end of the world we will do? if tomorrow is the last day of your life, what will we do? regardless of the end of the world ye hao, the end of life worth mentioning, these are really not far away from us, or even very close! dangerous at any time with the earth, but also always around us, some force majeure factors can not hide!

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