this year's murder has been shocked the whole shenyang mysterious female body to move out of the big case than the drama is also stimulating

what is the mysterious corpse of the bag that is bound in the bag?

has appeared in the scene of the taxi, but only the driver get off the small solution, detection of clues broken, where the real murderer hidden?

after a lapse of january, similar to the murder again, a"down donkey"police locked the murderer location.but did not expect a lot of mo pai after no results.

and the real murderer, it is busy on the busy to help the police mo pai investigation of him? psychological behavior, psychological characteristics, etc., and summed up the description of the characters and activities of the characteristics of the lock criminals, of which there are no lack of exaggeration of the criminal suspects in the"psychological crime", the criminal suspects behavior, motivation, psychological process, psychological characteristics of the analysis ingredient.

in the real criminal investigation, wang long's crime profile through the scene of the incident left a large number of clues to the characteristics of the criminals to infer, the suspect will be brought to justice.

october 10, 2009, is on duty in the office of wang long phone ringing, the phone in the other words urgent, just happened with a murder, the location of the murder in the office, shenyang youth park.

hang up the phone, wang long shouted on duty at the forensic doctor, put on clothes immediately out.

early autumn afternoon, the weather was somewhat cool, shenyang park, the public is still a lot of the moment the east side of the park on the lake, many people gathered around the cordon, watching the police every move.

by the scene to understand, is a public report, said the lake shore in less than 1 meter position found a huge white woven bag.

"i thought it was something thrown, out of curiosity, opened a look, turned out to be......"the police did not expect the public, woven bags, turned out to be a dead woman.

wang long to the scene to see, wrapped in a corpse of the corpse has been opened, a nylon rope placed next to the woven the person said, is to solve this pocket of the nylon rope rope.

the body of the woman liberated from the bag was tied with a u-shaped curled, with the head and feet facing the east, the head with a black belt with a plastic bag, the buttocks being woven parcels, feet are bound by nylon long noted that the two woven bags the same, two nylon rope is the same.

obviously, the youth park is not the first scene of the murder case, was stabbed here.

what is the identity of the corpse? what is someone who is dead here? all the problems in the minds of wang long spin.

through the examination of the corpse, wang long noted that the corpse who already has corpse, that death has been a period of time; the same time in the corpse who has a pattern of printed marks, indicating that the victim died, the body had been parked in a place, so printed on the wall or the ground pattern.

wang extorted, the murderer is not immediately after the murder, but there have been parking.therefore, the murderer is likely to be living alone, so that only the conditions of the body parked, not found by others.

the murderer used two knitted bags to dress the ladies, and was bound by nylon rope very detailed, indicating that the murderer is likely to be engaged in related labor, and live in the relatively large woven bags and nylon the rope is easier to find the place.

and the corpses of the victim are taken from their dwellings in the lake of the youth park, and the murderer must have the tools to transport the corpse,"the vehicle or"the donkey".

youth park on the east side of the five love street, south of the arts road, the west side of the youth street, the west side of the west binhe long speculated that the first scene is likely to be in the direction of five love street.

p> by investigating the surveillance video around the youth park, the police found that shortly before the report was received, there was a taxi that had been nearby and had a short stay.

so why is this taxi stay here? will this be related to this murder case?

handling police analysis, the taxi has the conditions to transport the body, but also in the dead time in the vicinity of the stay, there is the possibility of committing the crime, so immediately to the taxi to investigate.

however, after the investigation makes the police handling the case disappointed, this taxi did stay around the scene, but the driver just get off a bit convenient, and the case does not matter.

this clue is broken, the real murderer and from what check?


is handling the police sorting ideas, re-looking for clues to start the investigation.let everyone surprised that the case happened again, the murderer's approach is exactly the same.

2009 nian 11 11, apart from the body of a woman bundled case exactly one month, shenyang youth park tranquility is broken again.

a woman living near the park at 11 o'clock that day, to love the unit to send something, passing the youth park when found in the lake there is a woven bag to see the shape may be inside, so[/p]

after spot investigation, the location of the woman found in the youth park in the northeast corner of the lake, found that the body filled with the woven bag in the body of the bag, the lake is very close to the shore.

unlike the previous case, the weaving pocket is open, the body is not curled, but the head west in the water, feet toward the east in the water supine, neck and feet nylon rope wrapped around, tied with knot.

through two cases of physical evidence, the analysis of the murderer should be the same man

the fifth act:suspicious"inverted donkey"surfaced the first scene

by investigating the time around the second case and finding the surveillance around the corpse, the police soon found that a"fallen donkey"was very suspicious.

car"down donkey"in the scene also had to stay, and then on down donkey can clearly see the emphasis was carrying.

at the same time, in the direction of suspicion of wang long, the police immediately on the five areas of love for large-scale mo pai investigation.

through two aspects of the investigation, the police will soon target the five love street near an old residential building in the two units.

wang long and investigators rushed to the residential building, wang long at a glance to recognize, in front of one of the units of the"inverted donkey"is in the video surveillance that appeared in the car, and"a donkey"a tire because of the transport of heavy objects, has been deflated.

the murderer is likely to be hidden in these two units, which greatly encouraged the morale of the investigators.but according to the results of the survey once again disappointing.

the investigators screened all the households of the two units without any discovery.

has the close killer in the end hidden in the end?

the sixth act:busy on the busy to help the police investigation of the murderer turned out to be his

"property! there are properties!"re-order ideas, wang suddenly thought, unit of households were screened, but the property office location is also the two units, then the murderer will not be the property of the people?

put forward their own views, investigators immediately on the property office and duty room were long found that in the property on duty room, the tiles on the pattern and the first case of corpse in the body of the print is very similar.

and often live in this duty room property craftsmen pharaoh(a pseudonym) just to help investigators screening households, busy busy, positive exception.

sure enough, after the trial, pharaoh confessed to the murder of the criminal facts.

originally, more than 40-year-old pharaoh is not a native, working in shenyang, living alone for many years before the incident in the name of friends, respectively, the two victims of the woman to lure their residence, after the relationship, due to trivial conflict will kill two victims.

in the next trial, pharaoh also explained a few years ago in benxi with the murder case.according to pharaoh confession, the local police in benxi somewhere on the mountain stone stitch to find the victim's evidence and other evidence.

the first act:cupping female technician on-site service apartment killed

girlfriend was harmed."june 2015, shenyang police received a man shao an alarm, the phone with a cry, said his girlfriend dumou was killed, the location is shenyang city tiexi north road somewhere in the apartment.shaomou said his girlfriend dumou 31 years old, is a formal chinese medicine technician, can provide on-site service.

the day of the incident, shaomou received a girlfriend phone, so that shaomou go to the west west all the way to pick up some of the apartment,"the phone i heard the sound is not right, aoao shouting."

however, when shaomou arrived at the girlfriend called the apartment, called the door how can not open.then, shaomou to the apartment downstairs to find security to open the door.

when the door opened, shaomou has found his girlfriend dumou has fallen to the ground floor of the house has died.

the second act:clean room garbage bag mysterious disappearance

wang long with people rushed to the scene investigation.after the scene to understand the scene of the apartment room is a daily rental, the boss said, rent a apartment is a young man, the lease is one check-out is gone.

"this is obviously being cleaned up the room."wang long noted that this is a single room, doors and locks are not destroyed traces.

wang long into the scene, see the north side of the corridor is the bedroom, the ground covered with khaki floor leather.bedroom has a double open the door closet, wardrobe placed in front of the plastic barrels, ashtrays, air conditioning remote control.

there is a double bed on the sofa side, covered with white sheets, wang long found a yellow mark.

the body of the deceased dumou on the ground long noted that dumou lying on the ground, wearing a white t-shirt, orange pants, black socks.

wang long some strange, although the coffee table left a piece of sugar paper, but did not leave other garbage.since the room was rented, there have been used, but only to leave such a trace, is clearly being collated.

the third shot:the man in the surveillance video flashed in the hands of the rubbish, and the rubbish was gone.bags disappear again

find the disappearance of the garbage bag will be able to find the clue left by the murderer, wang long convinced of this.

through the apartment property officer asked, the police learned that the whole building are still in the vicinity of the garbage in the trash, and the trash bins were loaded onto garbage trucks.

although the garbage truck has not left, but the car has accumulated tens of thousands of bags of garbage.happens, the apartment of a female household lost an engagement ring, was about to start from the garbage truck to find, wanglong sent staff to help, just at the same time check the scene of the murder of garbage bags.

but wang long heart clear, just looking for this hope is not large, one is in the tens of thousands of bags of garbage to find the disappearance of the bag as a needle in a haystack, and a large number of garbage stacked, physical evidence also has been contaminated may.

at the same time, wang long also assigned investigators to take the apartment surveillance watching the video surveillance, wang long noticed that a blurred man went to the apartment lobby, but disappeared for a few seconds.and in this man disappeared a few seconds later, before the hands of carrying a bag of things but gone.

will the murderer be his? what is his holding in his hand? will it be the garbage bag that is gone?

"immediately to the monitoring location to find."wang found that the disappearance of the location of the man is to monitor the location of the camera, the disappearance of a few seconds, just to monitor the camera below.

it is also in this position, the disappearance of garbage bags in the wall behind the radiator was found,"if not specifically come, maybe even the cleaner is also difficult to find behind this stuff in the bag of garbage, the investigators dug out the leftover."

under the fruit, drink yogurt and other evidence, the police will soon be murdered captured.

after the trial, the suspect confessed to the facts of the crime.

originally, the man deliberately from the field to shenyang, the first rent a day rent, and then about female technicians on-site service.

about dumou came home, trying to have sexual relations with dumou, was dumou refused, dumou found the danger to call her boyfriend for help.

did not expect that the man was not satisfied because of the request, angry and killed dumou.after the escape to trace, clean up the room left their own traces.

but did not think that their own garbage bags were still found by wang long, captured by the police