Unkempt appearance in the middle of the mother in the hospital, I went to the hospital, my brother a text message I go home to sleep

our family is very strange, I since the childhood are very puzzled, every class or listening to their elders, said a mother's love is great, the mother to children, can sacrifice everything, but why my mother, since the childhood is tough for me, blame me, just because I am not a son, just because I am not dissatisfied with her son let grandma.

so before my brother was born, I never get a mother's embrace, comfort, after my brother was born, it is impossible to have the opportunity to, only brother, mother's eyes every time I can think of I, is let me see a younger brother, brother, or her angry.

but I have a good father, so I don't have long crooked, and the relationship between my brother and I especially good, the younger brother has been very love me, and I very guilty, I never blame him.unkempt appearance mother is in hospital in the middle of the night, I went to the hospital, my brother a text message I go home to sleep

but once mother let me to the home, the mother chilling to the extreme, that is I just graduated from college, I talked a boyfriend during college, we have a good relationship, agreed graduated from the university will get married, but mother abandon the man became poor, so the local for me when I was in my senior year to find the object, the man in my eyes the only can let mother look is rich.

I'm really mad, mother's deception, then in his testimony of a person I married my husband, my mother said let me don't into the house.But then my husband and I have money, and my mother to find again, she said she loved me, just worried that I marry a poor man, suffer in the future.I am very touched, and mother to contact again

but I found that mother is every contact me for money, as if I had no other function, in addition to the money I really very helpless, because the husband is a bit discontent, have a family party, dad and brother have told me that let me don't give money to my mother later, don't need to be in the home, there is nothing don't go home, I know they are good to me, is agreed.

in the middle of the day my mother called and said she is in the hospital, want to see me, I'm worried, unkempt appearance is driven to a hospital, half brother calls, said mother wasn't sick, just normal hospitalization, she want to live, he said, "sister, you don't come back, mother is the want of money."

I suddenly felt a bit frustrated, some love will never have?

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