The husband went to the rubbish at nine o 'clock every night, I stole and turn to see the scene after I gave him the 200000!

my husband went to the rubbish at nine o 'clock every night, I stole and turn to see the scene after I gave him a 200000!

the husband has a brother, I marry him is almost ten years, two children in elementary school, and uncle a day ok not as good as my home.

in-laws to died a few years ago, the uncle the family life in the countryside, and husband and I both have long entrepreneurship in from the countryside to city.

qipao tailor because my family do, so I opened a marriage wedding clothes shop also sell cheongsam clothing, such as business is usually at the beginning, later because the quality of design is pretty good to have some famous gradually, to store business is good now.

and the husband just help me delivery, other tailors class to myself to do, a more customized many guests, I'm really busy.

although some but in return, a lot of hard work, at least we can buy a house in the city centre, have their own car.While uncle a farm in the country, there are three children so much, day had assumed.

because rely on my shop business in general, so the money has been put me here, in thousands of dollars every month I will also give the husband let him spend money until the next allowance.

but recently I found that the husband will go downstairs and take out the trash at nine o 'clock every night, at home there is no so much garbage even if have also can take out the next morning to go to the store, by the way away, but my husband will be taste that is put in the home or to the door, so stick to take down throw out, but he is more than two hours, come back every time is much more at eleven o 'clock, but also a barbecue flavor.

I asked him why he even to go for a walk, then go to eat barbecue, barbecue is also true that for every two days will be packaged.

but it still makes me feel strange!

so I secretly with a husband downstairs in the husband later, want to see him what to do.

I didn't think he fell behind the rubbish out of the village went to the village after the busy streets, there is a night market, a lot of people there at night stands, used for eating, there are too many people.

I see my husband went to a barbecue, but he is not to go to eat barbecue, but to help barbecue there is another person, that person is uncle!

I see this screen also understand, originally husband every day is down to help the husband sell barbecue.

I also thought of a husband said to me before, he said sister-in-law body is bad, still need to go to the hospital when the husband and children have to go to the hospital to visit, but I'm busy with work didn't go to, as if also said sister-in-law went home afterwards.

want is also home to uncle overhead nervous he will work in the day also come here to stall in the evening.

the husband two brothers feeling is very good, I returned home and wanted to think, or played two hundred thousand for husband let him to help uncle.

after all is relative and uncle family is good also, at the beginning I to set up shop inside the city with the husband, uncle also take the initiative to lend us, although also but kindness has been in, don't ungrateful.

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