Why do girls more open in the hotel

why girls more open in the hotel

in the college of the east wall of a quiet road, have so a was reported as "sweethearts" holy land - hotel.

when night falls, those who can't find opportunity during college couples, were the couple to come here.As for what to do, it was obvious to everyone.

the owner is a young single woman called "her", 28 years old, looks very nice.The only five room three storied, less than twenty rooms, this is her family's ancestral house.Nice place at this location, the three layers of building a flip could sell more than five million.But mui hasn't been sold, because open the hotel to earn money is the way for a long time.As a single women folk, source of income maintenance is more reliable.

it is on a Friday night, this is often the busiest time of the hotel.A black Chinese dress her in the bar of the entrance to the hotel, just for a pair of college students to complete the registration.Next to her, is a young male waiter.

the waiter call Zhou Dongfei, just a month ago to her work.This boy although seemingly FuHua a little, but the burly, bear dry, and the salary is not high, she has also hired him.

"don't be staring at the passenger!"Mui and calculate with the computer account, while white Zhou Dongfei one eye, "college students face paper thin, be you watch for a long time, so the next time came sorry!"

each line with a door out trap, she was clearly very professional.

Zhou Dongfei but smiled and said: "I just look at the female student is a bit special."

"what special?"

"see the walking posture, and slightly, with a look of having been obviously was a small fish."Zhou Dongfei shake head to sigh, "a weeping choy, pigs."

why girls more open in the hotel

"goodness!"Mui raise your hand, close to the hands of the pen."What do you go to!By the way, pay attention to the room 306 for men and women, don't what just good!All drunk like that, also...Ah, what world!"

Zhou Dongfei wryly left, straight to the third floor.Mui seem to feel not trust, then also leisurely walk up.

306 room, just registered in a boy, and a sleepy eyed girl.See, when the girl was a little delirious.

Zhou Dong flew to the front of the 306 ears quietly posted on the door.Although the room is old house, but after the new decoration, sound insulation effect is very good.However, abnormal Zhou Dongfei but could hear the noise.Because of this extraordinary ability, he also scold by her as a "dog ears".That, of course, once scolded, because this guy a bath at night when he heard her slip.

in the room, from the some of the struggles for a voice, very weak.Seems to be that woman just some lucid, also said not clear.At that time, she was also to come over, "whispered" what is not all right?"

Zhou Dongfei skimming the pie mouth, "overlord hard bow?"

even if mui is a operatives, but is, after all, a woman, his face immediately reddish, and scold a sentence "beast".Young men and women if you love, I would like to, she was happy to provide some convenient.But if this have overlord tofu, she really looked down upon.

"the more......"Zhou Dongfei said.

she was a little angry, "dang dang dang dang" knocking at the door.Knocked at the door by the passenger, is actually broke open a shop of rules.However, she was just can't stand this kind of thing.She is not so for the first time, so a encountered such a thing, can not but full of internal heat washed up.

a seam opened the door, with bare arms with the left ear earrings of boy peep out a head, obviously very impatient: "what's the matter?Lao tze in bed, on a hair!"

bang!Her foot may be dipped in the door, and the door was knocked the boy down, also touch a laceration on his head.

don't see, this girl is so violence!

so the man on the spot and cry, and Zhou Dongfei entered the room, and her backhand shut the door.Here is the hotel, if the howl of kill pig out, definitely affect the business.

in front of the boy, what clothes did not wear.He lifted his head up, pointing to her to scold: "marla brigitte, you fucking crazy!"

"you are not welcome here, downstairs to refund the money to roll!"She said coldly.

the boy apparently big troubles, no matter my "image", pointing to her will be diatribe.Couldn't think of her and a leg, the boy fell to the ground again.

"don't say you a spring chicken, is analyses area on friends, also give me some face ah mui.Roll!"

the boy back to the bed from the floor, dressed in a flurry.Out of the room door, the boy turned and said: "ah mui, hum, I heard your reputation, but you also can't eat it analyses area!My cousin is a tang dynasty three, you bitch, waiting, waiting for him to pick up you, mom!"

say that finish, this boy afraid to mui kicked him again, run faster than the rabbit.

tang three, as the boy said, in that part of town is really a token bullies head.Surprisingly angered his cousin today, it looks like things will not tolerate.Her about many things, because of the hotel, a single woman need to dealing with all aspects of people, even need to bend him now.But she is only marginal figures, a lot of time can only rely on money to maintain the safety of the hotel.

"impulse is the devil."Zhou Dongfei sighed, and know the heart grandview hotel to be in trouble.

"say these not less, to get the girl awake!"Mui knew it is hard to save, can only walk the one step said.As for don three what time, what will move hands and feet, when the time comes.

bed, the girl coma again in the past.She have stripped clean clothes, only a small pants, the rest of the white one.Especially the chest, and even caught a few finger print.The trace of the bed, and she vomited.As for just struggle against, must be drunk after the instinct to resist.

the girl's appearance is very poor now, mui is wrinkly to knit the brows, scold a sentence "man, no good things", after the girl's body centralizer, and cover with a thin quilt.

"see enough have no?"


" to see enough of the highway, poured a glass of water first!"

why girls more open in the hotel

Zhou Dongfei turned to pick up a cup of warm water, sent to the bedside table, righteously said: "her you're the boss, who also served to I good, hey."

her know kidding, this boy is too lazy to scold him.After all, she was now more than half of thoughts, are considering how to deal with tang three.The guy in the university city power, more important is terminating, and saw the beautiful women, they walk.She was careful to deal with before, can also play here.But this gives him something, must be in trouble.

see mui didn't speak, Zhou Dongfei know she also worried about the tang three, then say with smile: "afraid that tang three trouble?"

"that guy the token."Mui sighed, "though just a bludger leader, but in that part of the university, in addition to the ancient ye, he doesn't sell anyone face.A month ago the ancient ye died, and also no one can with him."

in the past, through the ancient ye help mui, makes the dare not to heart yi tang hotel too licentious.

"that if I were to send tang three, you give me a double salary line not?"

"you as let me accompany you sleep more affordable!"Her don't think this boy is very LiuEr.With him, also deal with tang three!

"double salaries, more than one thousand pieces.Sleep is more than one thousand, te expensive."


then, she dialed the telephone of two social friends, want to ask them to help coordinate accommodation, even spend some money, and a table wine.But these friends said on the spot, because everyone would not provoke don three this dog.


why girls more open in the hotel

heart grandview hotel is not big, not hire employees.And Zhou Dongfei on duty three waitresses have slept together, she was still in her bed more seriously to sleep - are Zhou Dongfei listen to come out.He said the door, go out is very scary.

Zhou Dongfei alone at the door of the office, thinking about tang three if you come tomorrow, and what to do.If he is just a job, rather than work for the boss.But to the dead brother - the bullet in order to protect themselves and to brother, he has to ensure the safety of her.Because, she is the young man's sister.And Zhou Dongfei lurk in haiyang city, also is in order to complete the brother's wishes.Of course, this all mui didn't know.

at Zhou Dongfei randomly think of time, the hotel's door was opened.It was already twelve o 'clock at night, always not many guests to stay at this moment.

and the guest is obviously special - a beautiful woman, very beautiful.Stand out, her breast that terrible beautiful breast, large size, almost have to put up the clothes to be broken.

this woman, is a passive man, careful, bony,.

the queen?The control?Grandma drops, it seems to be more dangerous than 306 room that a pair!

"open a room!"The woman said coldly.

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