anita mui paradise cold heart mother-in-law is not too much love every month too much rushed to the wax like crying

remember a child when a child dance to sing people tears:the world is only a good mother, mothers like a block of treasure, into the arms of her mother, happy to enjoy.the world only mother good, no mother's child like grass, leave the mother's arms, where to find happiness?

most of the mother's children at home, such as beads, such as treasure, was holding hands in the palm of the hand.but there are some children who have mom, but worse than no mother, in their mother's eyes, perhaps they are not grass, but can bring their own money to the tools~

just as a kiss because of her mother, recently returned to the giant lungs after a small day angela chang.

today, the old lady wants to talk about is respectable anita mui and her hard-hearted mother xiang yinfang, born in hong kong in 1963, because his father died prematurely, the mother was born in 1963, and was born in hong kong in 1963.need to raise four children independently, home life is very embarrassing.

listen to sensible, in order to reduce the burden of the family at the age of 4 and a half time with my sister in hong kong laiyuan playground on stage performances~

although the age is small, but the mother patriarch, anita mui then need to make money to subsidize the home and for the two brothers at home reading, because the mother will not take care of business and money, pay more, but also good gambling, of course, bet on the kind of nine lose.this home is like a bottomless hole pressing the young anita mui every sub-value!

because the livelihood of the tired, most of the time are used to make money, so anita mui rarely learn to learn, she is the most envious of those who carry bags every day school children, after her fame in order to make up for their own regret, most of the charity is to subsidize poor students to learn, even in the will also dial make a certain amount of money to make their own nephew to complete their studies!

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