where is the father: godfather fan bingbing godfather jay chou are not lost nanny fans over her

"where is the father 5"launched, visual inspection will soon become"china has hip-hop"and then a hot program.looked at the list of people wanted to rub the hand, one more than a big head.liu genghong's daughter small puffs, born with a taiwanese sister's farewell, so that liu genghong wearing mermaid clothes appear is also very funny.

liu genghong daughter:

well wang:dry mother fan bingbing

well hum king can not speak from childhood, to now become a small tuberculosis, great changes.just like"home with children"inside the hu did not change this point.goddess is li chen, god is not fan bingbing?

:xiao hing less help

chen xiaochun's son jasper, just a small play fine, no father so cool, obviously more like a mother.anyway, ekin cheng also no children, jesper later to hongxing mixed it

photo neinei and his brother really win at the starting line, born with countless belongings waiting for their inheritance, can be said to be the winner of life.

but it is not the winner of"where is the father"

the highest child is the biggest winner, who is it? of course we are sweet.almost everyone is looking forward to her"daddy go", although this season without her, but she is definitely in the hearts of the people mind

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