african guys into the chinese fist into the hong kong people sitting on the white fu mei, but the child is not born

fighting is known as the brave movement, with the opening of the chinese sports market, the cause of the fight here take root.china has also born a lot of excellent boxing champion, such as zou shiming, xiong chaozhong, a dragon and others, martial arts, kunlun and other ring is to attract a lot of foreign boxing champion.

black african boxer from south africa, african cheetah"reputation, his strength is very strong, strong body, boxing fierce, repeatedly won a number of african championships, known as the world's most powerful black boxing champion.later, huscroudsa focused on the tournament in china.

through the"martial arts"this event, huscrotta and dong wenfei, du guangjiang, yang dongxiong and other grips, have achieved the final victory.due to the excellent strength, husi ge lu sha gradually in the chinese fighting community played a tricks.

huscotech in the stadium proud, love situation is not vague, he was in a hong kong competition, the wild performance to conquer the audience a female boxing fans, the other take the initiative to find him to contact.later, the two began to contact, husi ge lu sha married the chinese girl, also joined the hong kong membership.the original wife of his wife is a well-off, is a rich and beautiful, to help him in hong kong founded his own boxing hall, husi ge lu sha became the winner of life.

marriage two people have two children, but are not long black.although sometimes subject to strange vision, but their family happy life, no influence from the outside world.

but the woods are big, what birds are! not all people came to china because they loved the today's chinese boxing tassel mixed, there are some foreign athletes whispering love china, but it is to china gold rush, such as black boxing champion adiza, chinese name black dragon.

adidas is known as the"three family slaves", born in nigerians, because of their own poor country, went to the developed countries new zealand gold rush, and joined the new zealand nationality.later in new zealand earn money to come to china, each played are wearing a five-star red flag, kept saying that love china.who knows in china made a lot of money turned and said:chinese people more money and more money, the girl cheat......